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Beautiful two storey house for Rs 25 lakh!


The residence has four bedrooms, a sitting place, a residing room, a dining room, a kitchen and a work place. Car porch on the facet of the seat. The rippers have been made with GI frames to spread the vines over the sitout. Wooden cladding at the walls additionally provides to the beauty.The indoors is in black & white topic. The partitions and ground are white. Furniture in black subject matter. This also offers greater space. Semi-walls were furnished to split the rooms without imparting pointless partitions.

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A shelf product of plywood separates the residing and dining areas. It is adorned with wooden cladding. It became furnished with a TV unit on one facet and image frames on the alternative. L Seat Leather Sofa Decorates Living.Living-dining is in double height. Skylights also are furnished on the ceiling. So more wind and light flows inwards.

A dining table with a tumbler top that may seat 8 humans. The wash vicinity become organized with privateness at the facet of the ladder. The handrails of the ladder are manufactured from stainless steel. A lavatory was organized at the lowest of the ladder.


The residence has four bedrooms, three downstairs and one upstairs. Attached bathroom and cloth wardrobe services supplied. One wall of the bed room is full of windows. This lets in air and light to enter properly. Functional kitchen. The counters were furnished with granite. Ply and veneer had been supplied inside the predominant kitchen and aluminum fabrication paintings place.

Cost-lowering elements

The square footage furnished a maximum of much less area.

Flat roof supplied in present day style.

Only white paint turned into applied on the inside and outside.

Lighting points have been furnished directly with out false ceiling.

Plywood and veneer have been used for furnishings and paneling.

White vitrified tiles of size 800X800 were used.


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