Beginners Basic stitching classes


Our newly-updated Intro to Sewing direction is the last beginner stitching magnificence. Even when you have in no way seen a stitching system before.
Beginners Basic stitching classes. watch 3 parts videos in below. for more videos subscribe now: Malus tailoring class in Sharjah

class No:1


class No:2


class No:3

this direction will provide you with the self assurance to work on an entire kind of stitching tasks. We will begin from scratch, displaying you how to thread the sewing gadget, before constructing your abilities with our 3 tailor-made tasks. By the give up of the direction you may have even made your first steps into dressmaking with a first rate lovely pair pyjama shorts. Here is how Intro to Sewing is damaged down:

Make a cushion cowl! We start off gently with the aid of getting you acquainted with the sewing machine. Learn how to thread your gadget and stitch in a directly line, before creating a cushion cowl. Decorate your cushion with self-protected buttons.

Make a canvas toiletry bag! We’ll stroll you via installing a zipper and when you’re geared up you’ll whip up a zipped toiletry bag, getting to know how to complete the seams with zig zag sew as you move.

In the last sessions of Intro to Sewing you’ll make your first foray into dressmaking with an ideal pair of pyjama shorts. You’ll analyze the fundamentals of reducing out a apparel sample and stitching up the shorts, as well as constructing a waistband, hemming and putting elastic.


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