Benefits of Interlocking Bricks


Interlocking Bricks is the contemporary advancement in Wall Construction.These bricks are ‘locked’ against every different without the use of cement mortar, to shape a structurally stable wall that reduces the price and time of creation to almost 1/2.Where Sand is turning into more and more scarce and cement costs are soaring, interlocking bricks come as a welcome alternative to Home developers.Interlocking Bricks are used to assemble Walls without the use of Cement Mortar.Laterite Stone is floor and filtered the usage of a sieve, that’s then combined with 5% cement combination and a chemical putting agent.

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This combination is then system compressed to shape excessive density Interlocking Bricks.They are synthetic in widths of 6 inches and 8 inches; and are also to be had in varying lengths. Each Interlocking Brick has grooves and locks on its sides which may be fitted with every different to form a block wall that does not need cement mortar for bonding.

Advantages of Interlocking Bricks


• Cost-savings as cement and sand aren’t used for building the wall.

• Being a much less warmness-in depth and natural fabric,laterite keeps coolness in the residence.

• Less exertions intensive and extra time-saving because the Interlocking blocks need handiest be suited for each different; in preference to traditional cement mortar production.

• The Interlocking bricks may be salvaged with out harm while the residence is being dismantled in the destiny.

Points to don’t forget

• Make positive that each batch of Interlocking bricks coming back from the factory is tested for strength and consistency.

• Have the Bricks laid evenly with the joint of one path being in the center of the following direction, that allows you to make certain energy of the wall.

• Plastering closer to the lowest of the wall above the inspiration will save you moisture from seeping up the wall.

• It is not recommended to have Interlocking walls in regions which might be liable to get moist frequently (like toilets).


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