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Can I grow an apple tree from a seed?


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It is feasible to grow an apple tree from an apple seed. However, in maximum cases, apple trees do not come authentic from seeds. For example, a seed taken from a Red Delicious apple will now not produce a Red Delicious apple tree. Seedling apple trees are genetically one-of-a-kind and typically not as good as the discern tree. Most apple trees are propagated by way of grafting. Grafting permits growers to produce timber that are equal (genetically) to one another.

While a tree grown from an apple seed is probably to be disappointing, it is not hard to germinate apple seeds. Apple seeds need to be uncovered to cool, moist situations before they will germinate. The cool, wet requirement may be performed by way of planting apple seeds outside in fall. Plant the seeds half of inch deep. The cool, moist requirement also can be attained indoors. Place a layer of moist sand within the bottom of a small box, including a plastic margarine tub, vicinity the apple seeds on the wet sand, after which cowl the seeds with extra moist sand. Punch 1 or 2 small holes within the plastic lid after which place it on the container. Place the box in the refrigerator for 90 to 120 days. (The temperature within the fridge must be 37 to forty one tiers Fahrenheit.) Afterwards, remove the seeds from the fridge and plant indoors. Plant the seeds half of deep in a commerical potting mix. Keep the potting blend moist till the seeds germinate.


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