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Can you build a house in the south.


It is important in architecture when buying a plot and building a house and dividing the land into four or five plots and looking at the direction of the villa.

When it comes to architecture, homes should be designed with a precise south, north, east, and west vision. The four directions are exactly that: magnetic north, magnetic east, magnetic south, magnetic west, or four magnitudes. The direction of a digital compass can be used to determine if the East West direction is correct or the North South direction is correct. This is one of the most important aspects of architecture.


When some earth is separated, be aware that its boundaries are in a few directions. It is suggested that the house should be slightly sloped within the plot and designed exactly to the east. Because the house is facing east, the south-east or north-east corner requires the kitchen, the bedroom on the corner, and the kitchen to cook from the east.

The most prominent in architectural science, however, is the fact that, regardless of the plot, the inclination of more than 15 degrees from the earth’s four magnetic directions is generally not good for the purpose of residential housing.

Can you build a house in the south?


Architecture does not say that south-facing homes are harmful. If it is to be built south-facing, it only specifies that it must be of the right magnitude south. The house can be boldly facing south to check if it is the right south.
Care should be taken to check and understand by a trusted architect.

It is very clear in the science that if you set the correct position and leave the house centered, the south facing houses can work fine. So, if anyone understands, it as a superstition, you can avoid it.

The importance of direction?

Direction is very important in architecture. The house should be designed to face itself in four main directions. The four corners of the universe has some same disadvantages.

If you stay in the southeastern corner of the southeastern corner of the north-west corner, you will see fear.

The riot is said as the result of the houses in the Kannimoola area of the southwest facing the north-east corner.

Science says that if the houses are located in the north-west corner of the air-axis, facing the south-east corner of the fiery axon, the weakness is the weakness. Chastity was a state of natural resilience that does not stand for anything. That’s not good.

If the northeast corner of the northeastern corner of the northeast corner is turned towards the south-west, there is a hint that the result is the destruction of such houses.

There is also a scientific side to this.

The earth rotates from west to east 24 hours a day. Also, once a year, it orbits the sun in the south and north. This is how the earth’s orbit. Or earth’s direction of movement. We know the earth is moving. Even if we do not feel it, we can stay in such houses for a long period if they are parallel to the earth’s direction.

Because of this, for example, if we are traveling in a vehicle, the direction in which the vehicle is moving, the face in that direction will be able to move more comfortably. So be it a car or a bus

We get more pleasure when the plane or the vehicle travels in the direction it is heading.

Comparative science has shown that if a house is designed to parallel the direction of motion of the earth as it is, we can live in such houses for longer periods of time. Even though there are believable disadvantages, it is better to consider the scientific aspects.


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