Castor Oil For Beard | How to Use & Benefits


Beards are all inside the trend these days, and beard care with Castor Oil has end up a day by day regime for guys. From naturally thickening hair strands to enhancing the interest of hair follicles, castor oil is known to be the high-quality oil for beard growth.

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Castor oil is a light yellow oil this is extracted from the seeds of the castor plant. Egyptians and Indians need to be permitted for knowing castor oil’s blessings, specially for beard. There are numerous uses of castor oil on your health, pores and skin or even you pay attention. Since castor oil has labored so well for hair, its use has quickly spread to a beard conditioning treatment and growth booster.

Here’s how you can use castor oil for beard increase in 3 easy steps.


1.How To Use Castor Oil For Beard Growth
Many guys wonder the way to practice castor oil to beard that is a touch thick and for this reason perhaps tough to use in your beard. However, you could use other carrier oils to come round this trouble. Jojoba, coconut and sweet almond oil are a few top notch service oil selections.

Step– 1
Clean your beard and the pores and skin underneath it. It is a great idea to apply warm water on this procedure. Warm water will open up your pores and allow castor oil to penetrate deep into your pores. Make positive you pat and dab your beard dry with a towel earlier than making use of oil.

Take some drops of castor oil for your palm. Gently rub your hands together to warm up the oil. Next, begin making use of oil to your beard. Start from the roots and paintings your manner to the tips. Make sure you cover your whole beard. Use a comb to flippantly unfold the oil around.
Remember to use circular motions whilst applying oil. This massages your skin under the beard and will increase the advantages of castor oil.

You can leave this oil overnight or for a couple hours at the least. Once executed, wash off the extra oil off your beard. Pat your face dry, ideally with a paper towel to keep away from bacterial contamination.

Repeat this method at least twice per week. You may even practice it on alternate days to beautify the outcomes.

Also, you may blend Jojoba oil with castor oil for delivered advantages.Since, Jojoba oil is a carrier oil a good way to assist in extended absorbing functionality of castor oil. Mixing both the oils as referred to can do wonders on your beard.

Jojoba oil – 1/2 Table spoon

Castor oil – 10-12 drops


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