Cauliflower Fry Indian Street Food


Gobi sixty five street food vogue | good crisp chili Gobi Desert instruction may be a fast and simple instruction with tips to urge the color, crispness and style of the proper Gobi Desert 65/ chili Gobi Desert.

In sure places, Gobi Desert sixty five and chili Gobi Desert is understood to be identical. Tempering isn’t finished Gobi Desert dry recipes unless you wished to herald additional color and if the batter doesn’t coat well with the Gobi Desert, tempering with chili powder is completed to coat it once more.


Cauliflower Fry Indian Street Food Video Recipe:

1 medium sized cauliflower


1/4 tsp turmeric powder

1 tsp salt

5-6 no red chilli

1 cup baisen

1 small pinch red food colour

Preparing watch video


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