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Furniture is one of the inevitable factors of a domestic. Whether it be modern or conventional, it’s the fixtures that brings out the taste particular to your home. The one-of-a-kind types of timber in India are legendary for the quality they upload to the fixtures. Though the styles and structure of furnitures have converted over time, timber or wood stays the favourite among all of the building materials.

The hand-crafted timber fixtures’s patience and high inventive value is renowned throught the world. Wooden furniture has constantly remained a definite detail at some point of the ever changing indoors design developments for homes.

A modern family is incomplete without furniture. This accent has advanced with instances to come to be a practical object that also beautifies a domestic. The special types of timber in India are legendary for the high-quality they add to the furniture.

In olden times, carpenters built furnishings using special forms of wood with out processing or alterations. Solid wood remains desired for furnishings in India, because of its patience and excessive creative fee which might be some blessings of wooden. There are kinds of wooden- Hardwood and softwood primarily based on density and power.


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1) Teak Wood (Tectona grandis )
Teak (Tectona grandis) is taken into consideration to be the best kind of wood to make furniture as it is distinctly fire resistant and sturdy. Teak is also one of the most luxurious woods in India.

It looks very appealing after polishing and could no longer get stricken by white ants and dry rots. It does no longer cut back a whole lot and would no longer corrode metal fastenings. It is one of the most commonplace varieties of wooden and is for advanced use best. It is determined in crucial and southern India.

Advantages of Teak wooden :-

Aesthetic Appeal : Furniture constituted of teak timber has an appealing looking instantly grain pattern. It is smooth to the touch and has a wealthy brown color after sharpening in assessment to furniture constituted of plywood or particle forums.


Durability : Teak wood fixtures can ultimate for up to a few years, a few have not perished for so long as a hundred years. Besides, teak wooden doesn’t get damaged whilst transferring places because of water.

Resitant to rot and decay : Furniture fabricated from teak timber is durable and does not rot because of its excessive density. Good wood furniture must live in proper form for a long time.

Teak’s high tensile power and tight grain make it weather resistant and sturdy. It is used in the manufacture of out of doors furnishings and boats. It is likewise utilized in indoor finishings, indoor floors and for making counter tops.

2) Rose Wood (Dalbergia latifolia)

Dalbergia latifolia is tough and very close-grained. It continues its shape and is to be had in massive sizes which may be used to make ornamental carvings and to create shelves. It is also popularly known as as ‘Sheesham’ or ‘Indian Rosewood’. It is located in Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Orissa.

Advantages of Rosewood : –

Hard and Tough : They have excessive crushing and bending strengths providing suitable stability to the furniture carved out of it. Among the special styles of woods to be had within the usa, rosewood is taken into consideration the most appealing.

Attractive Wood Grain : The lovely grain appearance has led to the introduction of many musical instruments and ornamental items.

Varied Uses :-

Furniture and cabinets are often constructed out of hardwood like Rosewood. Many mathematical instruments such as rulers and musical devices which include violins are carved out or rosewood because of its beautiful outward appearance.

Rosewood is utilized in making kitchen and bed room shelves, dining units, musical gadgets, and carvings because of its sturdiness and splendor.

3) Satin Wood (Chloroxylon Swietenia)
Satin timber or Chloroxylon swietenia is very robust and sturdy. Its excessive gloss finish makes it very attractive. It is determined in crucial and southern India. It is strong and durable. Its excessive gloss end makes it very attractive. It is discovered in critical and southern India.

Advantages of Satinwood :-

Easy to care : Satinwood gives flawless end which hides minor imperfections. It is a great preference for laying flooring because it will no longer want normal cleansing. As opposed to other different forms of wooden, that is particularly used to make flooring.

Little Maintenance : It asks for regular sharpening however does now not want daily preservation. The polished surfaces live beautiful for a long time.

Durability : It is long lasting and gives the desired look or end with a polish of desire. Satinwood is used to manufacture decorative portions and fixtures.

4) Sal wood (Shorea robusta)
Wood or Shorea robusta is generally discovered in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, and Andhra Pradesh. The tensile strength and durability make it a popular choice for making musical instruments and flooring. It is basically discovered in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, and Andhra Pradesh. The tensile energy and durability make it a famous preference for making musical units and floors.

Advantages of Sal wood :-

Durable : It is the maximum durable type of wood making it a popular preference for building fixtures, wooden beams, and timber frames.

Immune to Decay : It is proof against the assault of fungus, white ants and bugs.

Strength : Its electricity makes it an excellent preference for supplying power and support. Sal wooden is used to make doorways, piles, and wooden frames. It is likewise useful in making small portions of fixtures.


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