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Churidars are a number of the maximum not unusual clothing for the women of India. They are appropriate for every age — from youngsters to grandmas. They are popular due to the fact they are easy to put on.

Personally, they’re considered one of my favored forms of dresses. Churidars are available a large variety. They’re additionally carefully associated with the traditional sari.

The churidar is available in markets, each in prepared-made shape as well as simply the material with ready-to-sew materials. Since the match manifestly subjects to us, maximum prefer ones that are stitched via a tailor.


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However, when a heavy outfit is required, maximum select equipped-made or ready-to-stitch ones. These clothing come with some components already stitched, and can be formed to in shape after they may be bought.

Nowadays, their reputation has extended a lot that there are tailoring shops in each nook and cranny of the metropolis. Because of the high call for, it frequently takes over every week to get one stitched.

The rates additionally vary by means of place. For instance, in Kerala itself, closer to Kottayam and Changanacherry, I’ve experienced an inexpensive charge of 80-a hundred rupees per sew.


However, in Trivandrum, the minimum charge changed into one hundred eighty, which is going up with extra capabilities (as an example, a piping within the sleeve or a design on pinnacle, etc).

Because of this, I thought I’d strive it myself. Read directly to learn my method.

In the two photographs above, you could see the cotton cloth I used. The material for the pinnacle has a unique colour and pattern than the fabric for the bottom.

Take the material for the pinnacle and fold it into quarters as proven within the discern above.

Take a correctly outfitted, finished churidar, fold it, and location it on pinnacle of the fabric as proven, to switch its measurements onto the fabric.

When you define the churidar to mark the cloth, go away more space for the width of the seams that you’ll sew. In the picture above, you may see the cloth marked with blue chalk.

Cut the pinnacle portion along the marked measurements.

Now, fold the last pinnacle cloth in 1/2, and mark a portion for the sleeve.Cut the measured sleeve along the markings.

Now, mark the neck establishing at the piece you have got for the top. Don’t forget to vicinity an additional piece of fabric alongside that portion even as marking, since you need to stitch it onto the top inside out to make the going through for the neck establishing.

The two above photos need to give you an concept of how the more piece and pinnacle portions will appearance, as soon as you end slicing along the marked line.

Now it’s time to outline the bottom (or the pants) of your churidar set.Cut out the cloth for the pants along the marks. The legs are reduce more wide at the pinnacle to permit for pleats, with an extra piece for the waistband.Create pleats in the center, at the hip, whilst you sew each pair of top and bottom portions collectively.

Now, be part of both legs as shown within the discern above. Include a fold at the pinnacle with a piece of room for the twine that ties the pants.You’ve now finished your backside component. To upload my personal non-public aptitude, I sewed on a folded piece of the top cloth as a ornamental element alongside the bottom of the leg.

You can try this for yours as properly with the aid of folding the same and sewing.As you’ll see under, I took a small strip of the fabric from the bottom and used it as piping alongside the hem of the sleeves.Stitch the neck piece along side the one by one reduce element so that both facets face every different. Then, sew via placing the out of doors component inside the pinnacle component.Both the front and back neck are stitched as explained. I additionally created piping along the openings at the facet of the top with a few material from the lowest piece.

Now sew the sleeves onto the pinnacle, with both exact aspects dealing with every different, stitched from the interior. It need to appear like the photograph above.Now, be part of the sides from the sleeve to slit element. Your churidar is now equipped to put on.I hope my efforts provide you with a terrific review on how to sew a churidar. I do hope that anyone will get inspired to attempt or study this for themselves. I’m happy to assist however I can. Please don’t hesitate to go away your comments or questions underneath.

Happy sewing!


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