Clovia Shapewear Review


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How to choose a Saree Shapewear?
Before wanting to achieve that perfect desi diva look, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind.


Stay True to Size

A lot of us think that picking a smaller size of shapewear can make us look much slimmer. But trust me, girls, that’s so not true. In fact, wearing a small or an incorrect size of can create unsightly muffin top and side bulges. Not just that, wearing an incorrect size for long hours can also cause a lot of health issue. This is why it is extremely important for you to measure yourself while shopping for a saree shapewear online.

Pick the right colour
Keeping the colour of your saree in mind, pick a shade of shapewear that is closest to your saree colour. Wearing a contrast coloured shapewear can land you in a big fashion disaster. You can shop shapewear online and pick shades from a wide range of colour palette.

How to wear saree shapewear?
The skirt-like slip-on style makes it is very easy to wear. One has to just simply slip into it and can lose up to 2 inches instantly. You just need to be careful that the targeted panels on the saree shapewear hug your curves at the right places. Now you can easily drape your saree over it. If you’re new to this you can check out tutorials online on how to wear a saree. You’re ready to be the centre of attention.

If you are someone who’s always been wearing the traditional cotton petticoat then you could try wearing a saree shapewear under a petticoat and draping a saree over it. This would give you a better look than what a petticoat alone would give.


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