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Constructing a Concrete Roof


When thinking about the opportunities of building a concrete roof to shield against typhoon winds, it is almost impossible no longer to consider “The Three Little Pigs.” The conventional fairytale tells the story of three porcine homeowners and their attempts to barricade themselves in opposition to an evil wolf who occurs to possess hurricane-pressure lungs. The wolf makes brief work of the houses made from straw and wood, but is not able to blow down the residence made from brick.

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An increasing quantity of builders have accompanied the 0.33 pig’s example by using the usage of extra quantities of concrete in domestic construction. Wood might also stand the check of time beneath regular conditions, but it may without difficulty fail if subjected to extra masses or uplift forces from high winds — wolf-generated or otherwise.

­A concrete roof is precisely what it seems like: a stable slab of concrete capping the top of your property. Exact specifications range, but most concrete roofs are numerous inches thick. For instance, the Florida-based totally organization Hurricane Proof Systems ­ offers a 7-inch (18-centimeter) slab of concrete in three layers.

To deploy the sort of roof, a team first builds a framework for the intended roof. These frames can both be detachable concrete paperwork or live-in-vicinity insulating concrete forms, which simply end up a part of the finished roof. Then a concrete mixture is poured, unfold via the framework and strengthened with metallic bars, which function a form of skeleton for the cured concrete. While flat roofs are the very best to create out of concrete, complex sloping roofs also are viable. These options allow concrete roofs to match sincerely any favored housing style, even though sloped roofs require a first rate deal extra engineering and design. Contractors can cover the roof with any way of finish, tiles or shingles to assist provide it the preferred appearance.

Of direction, a concrete roof calls for greater assist than an average wood roof. Concrete weighs lots, and the outside partitions need to be able to supporting the giant slab. Interior support beams can assist, but the creation works nice while concrete partitions, floor and roof form a strong shell. For this motive, adding a concrete roof onto a wooden-framed house calls for a splendid deal of structural adjustment. If a concrete roof isn’t always nicely supported, it may crumble, particularly if subjected to extra stresses consisting of earthquakes and snow buildup. A stable concrete shape actions less beneath strain and may reportedly stand up to category 5 typhoon winds of extra than one hundred fifty five miles in keeping with hour (249 kilometers according to hour) [source: Shepard].

A concrete roof additionally cuts down the danger of damage from fireplace, termites, fungi and water damage, While floodwaters may deform or float a timber home, a nicely-built concrete domestic will stand solid. This makes the shape itself a long way greater salvageable if worse involves worst. In many regions, concrete roof production additionally allows structures to bypass sure constructing codes and also can cut down on coverage premiums.

The final fee tag for a residential concrete roof runs quite high — often two to four times as tons as a traditional wood roof could cost [source: Vanderwerf]. That isn’t always to mention you can’t assemble a concrete roof at the cheap. Less aesthetically minded concrete roofs are common all through the hurricane-susceptible Caribbean islands and components of the developing international. These systems regularly encompass small, cinderblock houses topped with rows of steel beams and blocks that are blanketed in a coat of concrete.


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