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Cost of materials for 1000 sq ft house


To build a one thousand sqft residence, we need the following substances. Rate of them and general price are stated as well.for watch detailed video about Cost of materials for 1000 sq ft house, see below. for getting daily updates follow our facebook page and click see first option in following button. if you interested this. give this post to your friends and relatives.for more videos, subscribe now:Ente veedu

CEMENT- A bag of cement costs round three hundred rupees. To construct a residence in 1000 sqft we want around 450 baggage of cement that will cost us near 1,35000 rupees.

STEEL- Steel charges forty five rs/kg. We require around 2.Five metric ton (or 25 quintals) that fees us 1,12000 rupees.


SAND- It prices fifty five rs/cubic foot (cuft) and we require 2000 cuft of this. Thus it charges us a complete amound of 1,20000.

AGREGATE- Costs us 22rs/cuft.We want 1500 cuft of this that means it prices us a total amount of 30,000 rs.

BRICKS: We need 20,000 Units of bricks. One brick’s rate is 6 rupees that forms a complete amount of one,20000 rs.

LABOUR RATE: Avg rate of labour is 200 rs/sqft. It prices us a total quantity of 2 Lakh rupees.

VATRIFIED TILES: These titles are used in Bathroom. 35rs/sqft. 600 sqft vatrified tiles will value us around 21,000 rs.


CEREMIC TILES: RATE- 20rs/sqft. We want three hundred sqft that costs us a complete amount of 6000rs.

GRANITE: Rate-150/sqft. Quantity- 20sqft. Total cost- 3000rs.

KOTA STONE: Rate-40/sqft. Quantity- 250 sqft. Total price- 10000rs

DOOR FRAME: Rate-1800/unit. Quantity- eight gadgets. Total fee- 14400rs

DOOR: Two Types:

i). Rate-3500/unit. Quantity- 5units . Total fee- 17,500rs

ii). Rate-2500/unit. Quantity- 3units. Total price- 7,500rs

WINDOW GRILL- Rate-1800/grill. Quantity- 4 units. Total cost- seventy two,00rs

SLIDING WINDOW- Rate-2500/unit. Quantity- four gadgets. Total cost- 10,000rs.

WATER TANK- Rate-6/litter. Quantity- a thousand L. Total cost- 6000rs

PAINTING & WALLPUTTY- Rate-12-15/sqft. Quantity- ____ . Total price- 60000rs

PLUMBING- cost- 30,000 rs.

ELECTRIFICATION- cost- 50,000 rs.


BHISHTY (CURING)- Rate-200/day. Quantity- 6 months. Total fee- 42000rs

EXTRA ITEMS- value- 50,000 rs.

+ TOTAL COST OF BUILDING- RS. 10,eighty five,100


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