Country borage (Coleus amboinicus) an aromatic plant most of the content has benefits for health


Country borage (Coleus amboinicus) is the plant species vascular plants or Tracheophyta, Country borage (Coleus amboinicus) inclusive of the order Lamiales, own family Lamiaceae with Plectranthus amboinicus latin name. Country borage (Coleus amboinicus) can be planted with the techniques of cuttings i.E. Plant stalks most effective.

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Country borage (Coleus amboinicus) stem is coloured mild green. Rising alongside the stems and the leaves at the bottom of the leaves also will develop small branches make it easy to staple exuberantly.

Leaf Country borage (Coleus amboinicus) has strengthened soft traits, plans phase, round, with a diameter of about 15 mm, the vital part and ends about 10 mm ± 5 mm, can develop-breed effortlessly. The leaves are thick, the shape continues to be sparkling, dark green leaves are slippery floor, the second.

Country borage (Coleus amboinicus) are determined in nearly all areas of Indonesia with a spread of various local names.


Kingdom: Plantae
Sub nation: Tracheobionta
Super Division: Spermatophyta
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Plant Taxonomy
Subclass Asteridae:
Order: Lamiales
Family: Lamiaceae
Genus: Coleus
Coleus amboinicus Lour species:.

The Common Name
Indonesia: wake-up, the cat leaves, leaves the goat
Viet Nam: tan day l. A.
China: zuo shou xiang, yin du bo he, xiang shou dao
Japan: kuuban oregano
United Kingdom: united states of america, indian borage, mexican mint mint.

Country borage (Coleus amboinicus) is an fragrant plant, this is due to the fact the leaves awaken wake up has a one of a kind aroma. In addition to the aroma, herbs borage Country (Coleus amboinicus) has a bladder in which most of the content has benefits for health.

The hobby portion of Country borage (Coleus amboinicus) includes vital oils (Coleus aromaticus), Country borage (Coleus amboinicus) also include flavonoids like quercetin, luteolin, apigenin, salvigenin and genkwanin.

Country borage (Coleus amboinicus) comprise water, sugar, carbohydrates, fiber, minerals, nutrients, alkoloid, musilaj (slime), polyphenols, a flavonol glycosides, saponins, vitamin C, vitamin B1, nutrition B2, beta carotene, niacin, karvakrol, calcium, fats, protein, and volatile oil.

Leaf Country borage (Coleus amboinicus) is a plant that is broadly fed on by moms after childbirth. Country borage (Coleus amboinicus) is believed with a view to improve the production of breast milk. Country borage (Coleus amboinicus) an awful lot turned into made a companion of rice food, which include vegetables.

Leaf Country borage (Coleus amboinicus) additionally has been established as a bitter taste as it works to inhibit the inflammatory reaction precipitated via siklooksigenase, additionally proved as anti-most cancers and antitumor (Kaliappan, 2008; Mangathayaru, 2008).

Based on an expansion of literature chronicling the enjoy of hereditary from unique international locations and areas, Country borage (Coleus amboinicus) can cure the illnesses, consisting of:

Canker sores.
Five sheets of fresh leaves are washed easy after which rinsed with water. Leaf Country borage (Coleus amboinicus) that it’s smooth and then slowly chewed, swallowed and dregs water discarded.
Leaf Country borage (Coleus amboinicus) fresh washed smooth sheet 7 and then rinsed with water is cooked, mashed up like porridge and then squeezed and filtered. The water is drunk and dregs used to rub the body.
Asthma and coughing.
Leaf Country borage (Coleus amboinicus) clean, clean sheets 10 and rinse with the water is cooked, mashed up like porridge and then squeezed and filtered. Water the juice plus sesame oil, drinking.
A headache.
Leaf Country borage (Coleus amboinicus) fresh washed clean after which bruised, paste this in the head and overwhelm.

Leaf Country borage (Coleus amboinicus) fresh 10 sheets washed easy and then milled easy, add water to taste whiting and kneaded till flippantly dispensed. The leaf pulp used to smear and rubbing the element that hurts.

Leaf Country borage (Coleus amboinicus) 5 pieces, finely mashed, brewed wash with ¾ Cup hot water. Strain, drink
Multiply breast milk.
Leaf Country borage (Coleus amboinicus) cooked with bird soup. Eat it totally.


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