Curry leaves plant care


Curry leaf vegetation are local to India and grows to a peak of approximately five-6 meters. The elongated inexperienced, shiny leaves add a distinct aroma and flavor to many Indian dishes. There are three varieties of curry leaf plant life; the ordinary variety which you find in supermarkets grows tall speedy but has much less perfume. The dwarf variety is short with longer leaves and the Gamti variety grows ever so slowly, has thick quick leaves and is enormously fragrant. In this put up, we take a look at how to grow curry leaf flora at home in containers and take care of them.

The curry leaf plant grows nicely in full to partial sunlight, but it could additionally be grown in a balcony where you get direct sunlight for some correct hours. It calls for a slightly acidic soil this is properly drained with a very good blend of cow dung/compost and river sand for accurate boom. The first-class instances for developing the plant is all through the months of February to March.

The curry leaf plant may be grown from seeds or from stem cuttings. If you develop the plant from a seed, it’s going to take between 1-2 years before you without a doubt begin to see steady growth. Buying a curry leaf plant from a nursery is way higher as you can reap the benefits quicker. In popular, the curry leaf plant is a gradual grower reaching a height of approximately 6 inches a 12 months, so be patient and wait it out.


1. Pick the berries from the curry leaf plant when they’re black. That’s the time they’re the ripest.
2. You can sow it as is, however germination may additionally take longer. Instead, squeeze out the seed from the ripened berry and place them in a wet paper towel for a couple of days before sowing. This will speed up germination.

3. Place the seeds and inch below the soil, cowl them up and vicinity in a heat location. The seeds need to germinate in approximately 10 days.

1. Prepare your potting blend with 1 component sand, 1 part compost and water it well.

2. Find a branch from the curry leaf plant this is pencil thick, now not too bendy or too stiff. Slant cut the department this is about 5 inches long with about 4-five leaf stems.


Three. Remove the remaining couple of leaf stems and location the cut give up into the soil.

4. Firm the soil across the reduce branch and don’t water it once more.

Five. You can place a polythene bag over the pot, tie the top cease, and preserve it within the color for approximately 10 days. The reducing will start giving out new shoots in approximately 10 days.

6. Continue to preserve the pot within the color for a few extra weeks till the plant seems more impregnable and stronger.

1. Do no longer over-fertilize younger flora. If you need to upload fertilizers follow them to the rim of the pot.

2. Once mounted, you could apply a liquid seaweed fertilizer every three weeks for leafy growth. Diluted curd or buttermilk is as remarkable home fertilizer for the curry leaf plant.

Three. Allow the soil to dry absolutely earlier than watering. In wintry weather, the plant will become dormant, so apply less water at some point of the time.

4. Young curry leaf vegetation do now not like the direct summer time solar nor do they decide upon a moist soil. So you want to take greater care with them whilst they’re young.

5. You can nip off the tips of the branches to encourage the plant to product lateral branches, a good way to provide extra leaves.

6. Pluck the flora and buds when they appear on the branches as they will suck up the energy needed for leaf manufacturing.

7. You’ll want a large pot to grow the plant as transplanting them later to a bigger pot received’t be an clean task. The roots of the plant don’t like to be disturbed, so that you want to make sure to transport them with the soil in the course of transplantation.

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