The diabetes mucous body is present in the body-malyalam video


Diabetes is not a strange word in today’s time. Diabetes is a well-known condition for everyone. There is a perception that diabetes will take care of only elderly people. But diabetes is a problem that affects people of any age group. If we drink cabbage and drink water, we have to find the kind of problems first. If diabetes is affected by us in any way, you can see it early. The body shows some signs for this. What are the symptoms?

Urinate more frequently

The common man usually pops up four to seven times daily. But a person with diabetes miscarries it more frequently. The urge to diagnose excess surgeon on the body is a source of urination. So, if you find such a symptom it is best to test the sugars.


Itchy rash and dry mouth

We can irritate it with various types of allergies in the skin. But in diabetes, the skin will be irrigated in the skin and dry mouth. This is because when all the water out of the body goes out urine it causes the body to be dry.

View problems


As blood glucose in the blood increases, blood can be deduced from normal. The level of high diabetes increases the risk of inflammation of the lens in the eye. This can lead to disruption of blood flow through it. This often leads to visual issues

Fatigue and hunger
Tiredness and appetite at any given moment indicate that diabetes always in your heart. The main reason is your lack of energy for your physical activity.

Delay in fracture

The delay in wounding and wounding is a sign of diabetes. With the blood transfusions, blood flow is a major obstacle. This is the main reason for living in the wound.

Tramp and pain in the legs

There is a need to pay attention, even if you feel lame on your shoulders and knees. Approximately 70% of diabetes affects the nerves. This is the reason for such problems.

Yeast infection

This is just the same as for men and women. Glucose is the main food of yeast. These problems are more likely to come from private parts.

Unusual weight loss

It’s a different weight. If you are underweight without eating or exercising, it is often a disease that is often in your body.


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