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I actually drop powder kinds of makeup all the time. I don’t realize what it is about them that makes me lose all control of conserving them however, it happens and until some days in the past I had no concept they can be salvaged.


I was on a ‘chucking out make-up spree’ and came across special powder compacts that I cherished and couldn’t naked to throw away once they first smashed, one is a bronzer and the alternative a pressed powder.

Little me did some studies and I actually have observed a manner to fix my powder makeup with out using alcohol (rubbing alcohol). I haven’t truly carried out it before so, allow’s see how it seems.

This changed into my bronzer, searching poor and shattered. I had stored it hidden away in my make-up bag, unable to use it in worry of it dropping genuinely anywhere.


All you want to do is take a toothpick and ruin up the powder makeup even more. I are aware of it’s traumatic and pretty sad but, you need to take away the lumps for it to paintings.

Mine needed to be smashed up with the toothpick even greater than this so, hold going till it’s far virtually lump-much less! It did get a little messy for me so I did want to eliminate some excess from the top of my smashed bronzer. I smashed it while it turned into only a few days old so, it became pretty full.

Next you need to take a make-up wipe. It doesn’t be counted what type, just make sure your hands are absolutely washed and smooth earlier than doing this subsequent step as we don’t want your smashed makeup to have any unwanted bacteria surpassed on.

I love these makeup wipes from amazon. They are so reasonably-priced and sense so lovely to your pores and skin (in addition they help fight spots). You can test them out by using clicking right here in case you are within the EU or US.

All you to do is take your finger and begin pressing down firmly at the make-up wipe. Keep pressing until you experience no lumps or free bits of the powder, you could want another make-up wipe if your damaged powder is as complete as mine because it gets pretty messy!

Now, taking the give up of your make-up wipe or a Q-tip wipe around the edges to clean it up and that’s it! Your damaged powder must be fixed!

Considering this became my first attempt I also decided to try it with my different smashed powder which changed into a sheer finish pressed powder. It became smashed once I bought it and I became so annoyed because it did fee me extra than I would normally pay for a putting powder. But, besides! Permit’s do that quick restore in this infant!

This time round I made positive to in reality crumble the powder with my toothpick, that is the important thing. I can also even pass lower back to my bronzer and spoil it up once more so, that is has the equal easy finish that the completing powder has but, i’ll see the way it is going over the following few days of the use of it!

S you can see with the aid of smashing it up in to even tinier little pieces it labored even better than the first time round. I used the precise same approach with the make-up wipe and firm urgent motion and appear to have constant my two broken powders.

I hope this helped you! If it did please allow me understand inside the remarks beneath and also, allow me recognise of any short fixes you understand of!


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