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Don’t Keep These Things In Bathroom


Many of our every day habits are associated with our each day bathtub or shower. So no marvel we preserve all sorts of things we use each day, and partner with grooming, cleaning and keeping our health, in our bathroom.

However, the damp and warm environment of a bathroom isn’t wonderful for a few of the items we normally preserve in there. That’s not unexpected. But wait till what those items are—you would possibly want to trade your complete morning ordinary!

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1.Medication – What, no medicinal drug in the toilet? But it’s known as a “medication cupboard”!

Well, consistent with the NIH, you need to keep all your remedy in a fab, dry vicinity–and the bathroom usually isn’t always cool or dry, particularly if you have air flow troubles.

Heat and humidity can harm your medicinal drug and reduce its effectiveness, or make it move horrific before its first-rate-by way of date. Yes, even typical over-the-counter remedy like acetaminophen are broken by way of the recent and humid surroundings of your rest room.

The alternative? Store your pills to your bed room in a cloth wardrobe drawer, in a closet, or within the kitchen a long way from the range, the sink, the refrigerator, or every other warmness or humidity supply.

2.Condoms – If health is your first priority, you ought to really have condoms. However, maintaining them in the toilet is a terrible idea.


Heat and humidity can deteriorate condoms—that’s why it’s by no means recommended to keep them for your again pocket, for example. So why hold them inside the rest room? You run the threat of using condoms that can’t protect you in opposition to STIs or undesirable pregnancies.

For condoms that paintings like they may be purported to, keep them in your night table drawer. They’ll be less difficult to attain whilst you need them, besides!

3.Razors and Razor Blades – Here’s one which makes little experience: Why shouldn’t you hold your razor to your rest room? After all, you only use it while you’re in the shower or bath.

Well, in case you need to use your razors longer and get a better shave, you’re higher off keeping your razors some other place. The humidity will oxidize (or rust) the razor blades and dull them.

After every use, you must dry your razor and put it somewhere cool and dry. If you insist on keeping it within the toilet, you can put it in an hermetic plastic bag among makes use of.

4.Toothbrushes – Wait, what? Another common bathroom item that shouldn’t be saved inside the lavatory? But wherein else would I hold my toothbrush?

Think approximately it. Every time you flush, you expel gross particles from the bowl into the air. Every time you go away a wet toothbrush in the humid environment of the toilet, you encourage micro organism to develop in it.

Not precisely the smooth teeth brushing you expect, right?

The first factor is, you should continually positioned down the rest room lid while you flush. That’s simply commonplace sense. But you should also maintain your toothbrush away from the rest room to lower the number of micro organism that develop there.

Maybe to your bedroom or in the hallway, together with your remedy? That way, you may don’t forget to sweep your tooth whenever you’re taking your each day medicine.

5.Makeup and Makeup Brushes – The mirror in the lavatory is a very realistic cause why we hold our makeup there. But the bathroom is the closing place in which makeup should remain.

Sure, you could placed on your makeup there, but once you’re performed, you should move it to a dry, cool region whose temperature is solid. The constant temperature adjustments, as well as the humid surroundings, can wreck down your make-up (in particular liquids and gels) and shorten its shelf existence.

Given how steeply-priced make-up is, storing it in a groovy, dry region is your best bet.

As for your make-up brushes, it is the same concept as for toothbrushes: the humid environment can sell the boom of bacteria and fungi. Keep your brushes together with your make-up, faraway from the toilet.

6.Nail Polish – If you’re a nail polish enthusiast, you probably already understand this trick: keep your polish bottles inside the fridge as opposed to the rest room. Keeping it at room temperature also works.

The warmness of the rest room will ruin down your nail polish and make it unusable; the cold fridge makes it last for plenty longer. However, the cold makes your nail polish thicker; simply make certain to shake your polish and depart it to heat up to room temperature before you use it.

7.Jewelry – Do you maintain your preferred earrings to your rest room? Maybe you ought to reconsider this addiction, in particular in case your earrings is made up of real gold, silver, or different precious metals.

As you can imagine, earrings does no longer do well in a damp surroundings. Metals tarnish quicker in humid environments than dry ones. So when you’re domestic and on your PJs, do yourself a favor and positioned your earrings again into your jewelry box, which is ideally placed on your bedroom.


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