Dream Home


I used to love looking the hit tv collection, MTV Cribs in which celebrities, mainly rappers used to flaunt their massive houses and cars. It will come as no marvel consequently that I’m a massive fan of mansions. Although I’m now not into all that freakishly massive houses with ten lavatories sitting on an island with no on the spot acquaintances, I love a bit of opulence in a suburban form of putting.

Hey! Don’t crucify me if I pop out sounding materialistic and extravagant. At the cease of the day, our houses are our secure havens where we need to experience secure and in control. And if I’m going to spend the rest of my existence there, why not make it as cozy as possible for me and my own family.


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I want my residence to be located in a suburb, now not a long way far from the town. I’m not into the whole exurb kind of lifestyle. I want with the intention to without difficulty get entry to the metropolis whenever I need to, without having to journey a long distance. The metropolis isn’t always plenty of an problem for me, due to the fact I love relocating to new places and meeting new people. Although, I examine someplace that in case you want to make your dream come actual, you should harness the electricity of attention.

Concentrating all your interest, efforts and assets on a given goal makes you obtain it. Stating that I would need to stay everywhere within the US might not virtually help me in my path towards getting the residence of my desires. I could consequently desire to live in Chicago, preferably in Buffalo Grove.

Front of the House
It is genuine that first impressions closing. People choose you primarily based on what they see from the outdoor- your property isn’t an exception. I need the the front of my residence to be a reminder of what to expect internal. It need to have a properly terraced pathway that dissects into two at the water fountain, which ought to be between the residence and the gate.

Although there might be a garage big enough to healthy two motors, there must also be enough area on the outdoor to accommodate numerous motors for temporary visits. There need to be a nicely saved garden on either side of the pathway. Flowers and decorative grasses must be planted spherical the water fountain to make it more eye catching.

Living Room
I photograph my living room because the place where my family will spend satisfactory time collectively, speaking, enjoyable, watching tv and gambling games like Monopoly. My living room must be current and stylish. It need to be huge with brilliant partitions, embellished with colorful wallpapers and decorative stones. It need to have huge windows with large curtains to allow in fresh air and vibrant sunlight.

It have to have the standard furnishing, along with sofas, recliners, cabinets, coffee desk, accessory chest, aspect tables, a credenza and an leisure middle with a huge display on it. As for the décor, there could be own family photos, paintings, distinctive souvenirs and a chandelier for pleasant lights. Although I wouldn’t recollect myself a e book bug, I like to study from time to time. Therefore, there ought to be a massive library bookcase within the living room with books ranging from faith, budget, inspirational to private development.

I want a massive kitchen in a horseshoe or U-shape layout. One side must have storing shelves, a fridge and a microwave region. The adjoining wall have to be the cooking phase with a few shelves for cooking appliances. The last wall have to be the cleaning phase with a sink, a dishwasher and garage shelves for utensils.

It need to have an island inside the middle of the kitchen that will feature doubly as a storage region for beverages with a wine cooler and an eatery place with six stools round it. The island may also act as an opportunity vicinity to prepare meals. The essential purpose I decide upon the island to be part of the kitchen format is to allow us to have a brief chunk in the mornings whilst the own family has to visit paintings and college.


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