How to drive a manual transmission car


How to drive a manual transmission car. watch the video (Malayalam)
A guide transmission calls for the driving force to shift the gears themselves. Most cars have 4 or 5 forward speeds, in addition to opposite. In order to master the system.


The snatch pedal is positioned at the far left and is used whilst shifting up or down from one tools to every other. The grasp is disengaged when the pedal is pushed to the ground.
Neutral is not a equipment; definitely, it’s far the absence of gear. When the engine is going for walks in neutral, you can rev up the engine, but you gained’t cross everywhere. You’ll additionally be capable of wiggle the shifter to and fro – which you may’t do while engaged in any equipment.


For maximum motors, 2nd equipment is the workhorse. It will get you up (and down) steep hills in addition to through congested downtown.
Reverse gear is quite special from the others: it’s were given greater variety than, say, first equipment, however doesn’t like going for too lengthy or too speedy. So, don’t back up around the block to pass the time.

The gasoline pedal (at far right) works with the gears to provide the engine energy at special stages. As cited earlier than, in case you press on the gasoline pedal even as out of gear, you may best rev the auto up: this is how younger guys impress girls. But in case you over-accelerate with the clutch in part engaged, you’ll ultimately put on it out.

Starting The Car

Put the car in impartial earlier than starting, or you’ll jump and stall the automobile. This is awful. Keep in mind that most new cars will now not begin with out the seize pressed down. Leave the shifter into neutral even as the car warms up. Alternately, begin the car in tools with the clutch pedal driven to the floor, then shift into impartial, release the grab pedal, and allow the car heat up.


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