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The abaya “cloak” (colloquially and more usually, Arabic: عباية‎ ʿabāyah , especially in Literary Arabic: عباءة ʿabāʾah ; plural عبايات ʿabāyāt , عباءات ʿabāʾāt ), sometimes additionally referred to as an aba, is a simple, loose over-garment, basically a robe-like get dressed, worn by some ladies in elements of the Muslim international such as in North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.[1] Traditional abayat are black and can be either a massive square of material draped from the shoulders or head or a long kaftan.

The abaya covers the entire frame besides the top, ft, and arms. It can be worn with the niqāb, a face veil overlaying all but the eyes. Some ladies additionally put on lengthy black gloves, so their hands are included as properly.


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The motive for the abaya is regularly attributed to the Quranic quote, “O Prophet, tell your better halves and daughters, and the believing ladies, to cover themselves with a free garment. They will for that reason be recognized and no harm will come to them” Qur’an 33:fifty nine[2] (Translated by using Ahmed Ali) This quote is often given as the argument for wearing the abaya.

The abaya is most common in countries with huge Muslim populations. Some denominations of Islam remember the whole woman body, besides for the face and fingers, awrah – that which have to be hid in public from adult males unrelated via blood or marriage.

Outside a few Arab states which include Saudi Arabia, the abaya is not widely worn by Muslim ladies. It is uncommon in international locations like Indonesia, India and Pakistan. Abaya additionally refers to distinctive clothes in unique countries. In Arab states of the Persian Gulf, they tend to be black in shade. Turkish abayat, alternatively, tend to be colorful.

Abayat are known via various names but serve the same purpose, which is to cowl. Contemporary fashions are normally caftans, reduce from light, flowing fabrics like crepe, georgette, and chiffon. Other recognised abaya styles are the front open and the front closed abaya. Styles range from place to place: a few abayat have embroidery on black cloth at the same time as others are brightly coloured and feature one of a kind kinds of art work throughout them.


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