Some of the easiest ways to remove the tooth plaque -malayalam video


Everyone who laughs at anyone is the one who wants to. How can you laugh at it beautifully? Who do not want such teeth as good teeth is a sign of health and beauty. But the palate is a bow that destroys the beauty of the tooth. Plaque is a thin layer of aphids that are made of bacteria and food residues. If the plac is not removed, it becomes a tartar or calculus that sticks to the gland.




A tooth plague affects everyone without age. It happens when the tooth is thoroughly cleaned. This then becomes a calculus, which then changes the chemical and chemical substances that are harmful to the teeth and gums. Children need to be trained to brush properly. Brush’s fibers should be gravitated at about 45 degrees screws between teeth and gums. Brush the brush in the shortest lengths when cleaning the mats. To clean the interior of the front legs, hold the brush almost sharply and then treat the teeth from the tooth and the teeth to the teeth. The brush itself will be used for cleaning the tongue and the tongue.

Dental care is required from the time the milk pills come in after the elderly. If you do not, the plaque will get rid of the teeth. To get rid of tooth plaque, there are some simple things to do at home.

1. Put a little baking soda into a damp brush, brush thoroughly and wash thoroughly in warm water.

2. Take a teaspoon of salt and two teaspoons of baking soda in the middle brush and apply the tooth.

3. Mix a little hydrogen peroxide in a teaspoon baking soda to use the teeth.

The above methods can be done at home easily. Notice to brush twice a day and evening. Remember that healthy teeth are essential for a healthy body. We can all face ourselves with a laughing of confidence.


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