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East Facing House Vastu Plan


East dealing with house Vastu plans aren’t tough to come by using, furnished you do a little homework and research on your part. Adhering to those suggestions is extremely critical for destiny health, wealth and prosperity.

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Thinking approximately an east dealing with house Vastu plan? Most people commonly have it tough in terms of figuring out wherein the residential site/house faces. Stand within the home and face the gate or essential door. If you are dealing with closer to the east, then you definately recognise the answer. It is as easy as that. Vastu Shastra recommendations country that every one homes can be similarly good because it is not simply the course that determines auspiciousness. The biggest aspect right here is the site of the main front or door.


East going through house Vastu plan- Main Door Placement

When it comes to your east facing residence Vastu plan, you have to divide the Eastern length of the house from the NE (north-east) corner to the SE (south-japanese) nook through nine elements which can be same. Every element is referred to as the pada or step as consistent with Vastu Shastra policies. The North-East pada is the 1st one and the South-East pada is the ninth one.

Here are some Vastu guidelines that you have to preserve in mind:

5th pada is held as auspicious for placing principal doors in homes which are east-dealing with. This shows the region of the Sun and ushers in appreciate, reputation, and recognition.

The third, 4th, sixth, and seventh padas can be used in case the fifth pada is smaller. However, try to encompass this if feasible.


The 1st and 2nd padas must now not be used in any respect for the primary door. If utilization of the 1st pada is unavoidable, you ought to make certain that there is at the least 6 inches of the gap from the wall inside the north-eastern course, i.E. The NE corner must no longer be touched by way of the principle entrance door.

The 8th and 9th padas ought to be strictly avoided for primary doorways/entrances in view that they are bringers of illnesses.

What to avoid for your east facing house Vastu plan

Your east going through house Vastu plan have to also incorporate the subsequent additives:

Do no longer have the door positioned towards the 8th and 9th padas.

Do now not have a septic tank placed inside the north-japanese nook or any bathrooms.

A north-east nook staircase is likewise to be had and so is the kitchen.

Do no longer have dustbins or any clutter to the north-east or north.

A reduce ought to now not be found in this nook.

The 5th pada is ideal for the principle door as stated.

Have east and north partitions that are slightly thinner and shorter as compared to the west and south partitions.

While cooking, face both west/east for north-west or south-east kitchens respectively.

Have a pooja room to the north-east that is surely auspicious or a residing room.

Do not plant massive trees in the east or north of the home.

The plot must no longer slope toward the south from the north.

A visitor bed room is suggested for the north-western direction.

A master suite to the south-west is recommended as properly.

These are some of the things to don’t forget in terms of growing an east facing residence Vastu plan.


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