Easy-Care Flowering Houseplants


Flowering houseplants upload a layer of entertainment, bringing colour, and maybe even heady scent into your decor. While they may seem fancy, a few can live on with simplest fundamental interest. Try brightening up the house with those 8 flowering houseplants that will thrive with minimum care.

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1.African Violet (Saintpaulia)

African violets are a popular houseplant for top purpose. They are favorites because they do no longer require a dormant rest period, which permits them to bloom yr-round. Although they do not require a variety of maintenance, those small, leafy flowers every now and then do nice in a box that allows for watering from the bottom. If you prefer to use a popular pot with out a water reservoir, water carefully from the top heading off the leaves, and allow the soil dry between waterings. African violet leaves will spot, flip brown and die if cold water receives on them. Remove spent leaves from the bottom of the plant and pot up handiest when the scale of the plant shows a bigger pot is needed. These bloomers do now not have great root structures and, in standard, will now not require greater than a 5 or 6 inch pot at adulthood. While African violets are not demanding plants, they sometimes flourish for years and then die with out warning.

Light: Bright oblique sunlight
Water: Keep wet and hold humidity
Color types: Purple, white, and crimson



If you are used to growing begonias exterior, you then know that many sorts make high-quality houseplants, blooming almost constantly in exact situations. To bloom nicely it’ll need a brilliant vicinity, however do now not area it too near a window or it may be harmed with the aid of the draft. Some of the fancier-leaved Rex begonia varieties do not even want to be in bloom to be colourful. Besides Rex begonias, search for the fibrous-rooted sorts like wax-leafed, angel-wing, and hairy-leafed sorts.

Light: Medium to excessive mild
Water: Water and mist frequently; maintain humid
Color sorts: Depends on variety


These quirky-searching flowers are participants of the pineapple own family. Luckily, most do not get quite as large as pineapple trees. Bromeliads are prominent by using their colorful basal rosettes and showy plant life. The flowers are tropical and plenty of sorts are epiphytes or air vegetation soaking up moisture through the atmosphere in place of the flowers on which they host. Bromeliads do properly in vivid mild conditions. They do now not require quite a few water, but while they’re watered properly, permit the water seize between the leaves, wherein it will likely be absorbed slowly.
Light: Bright, oblique light
Water: Water often, allowing water to trap between the leaves
Color varieties: Pink, purple, orange, and yellow

4.Chenille Plant (Acalypha hispida)

Both chenille and purple-hot cattail are apt descriptions for this tropical plant. Few people can withstand rubbing the catkin-like fuzzy, pink plants. The chenille plant is a quick grower and a long bloomer. Chenille plant may be grown outside at some point of the summer time and brought interior whilst the temperatures cool in fall. It will go partially dormant in iciness, so do not feed it until there is new increase within the spring. Stem suggestions may be eliminated during the growing season to encourage branching. Chenille plant desires high humidity to thrive. Mist it while it is interior to keep it healthy.

Light: Full solar to partial color
Water: Keep continually wet
Color types: Red

5.Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera x buckleyi)

Christmas cactus appears to thrive on forget about. It does no longer even want you to govern its light publicity to set buds for Christmas blooms. It is specifically lengthy-lived and propagates without difficulty from cuttings. The long segmented leaves are notched at the margins. Stem tips produce vegetation with petals of various lengths and a colour palette in colorings of pinks to reds. In addition to Christmas bloomers, this circle of relatives of vegetation includes some that produce plants at Easter. Christmas cactus does nicely while positioned near a window. Do now not allow the pads touch a chilly window or the plant can go through cold harm. Although Christmas cactus desires nicely-draining soil, it also desires high humidity.

Light: Bright, indirect light
Water: Water frequently and carefully; drain well; mist often
Color types: Pink and crimson

6.Clivia or Kaffir Lily (Clivia Miniata)

This amaryllis relative is grown from a bulb and, like its cousin, needs to be pot certain to flower, so do not plant it in a massive field. Like the amaryllis, clivia goes thru a dormant length earlier than sending up a flower stalk. It will want overall darkness at night time when it goes dormant in past due fall. Accomplish this by means of placing it in an unused closet or in a cardboard container. The stalk will sprout each time from December via April, after which, normal care may be resumed.

Light: shady spot with no direct daylight
Water: Water fairly; droop watering in iciness
Color sorts: Shades of yellow or orange


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