A face pack of 10 minutes before going to bed


Beauty parlors become an integral part of rural life today. The only relief is today’s beauty parlor, to change the face of the face, to whiten face, to change the tones. But we can make ourselves a beauty parlor at home.

You can also use your own home fruits and vegetables to get your home. First you need to know the nature of your skin. Apply various soups to the skin in order to get rid of harmful effects, such as the normal skin, dry skin or oily texture.


Otherwise, it may cause allergies to occur. Water purification is the most common skin care. This will increase your skin naturally. Drink at least 12 glasses of water every day if you do not have anemic and urinary tract.


A major problem that can be found on the face is a carcinogen. In the summer there will be a lot of carpeting with sunburn. If a weekly oil is used for bathing, a lot of carpeting will change. The skin will also have a natural color.

Wash a face with a cold shower and wash your face with a cold face. If the nail spot is placed on top of the eye, the eye will get cooler and refreshes. The juice of the Indian pigeons is good for the small scars and irritation of the eye.

Here are some great php packs that can be done 10 minutes before you go to sleep:

Curd: 1 tablespoon
Multicinity: 1/2 tablespoons

Add 1 tablespoon of curd and add a little to thinly and mix well. When it comes into paste, take a piece of coconut and apply it on face. After 10 minutes you can distinguish the change when spraying with sprinkled water.


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