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Slow Down the Energy Flow – “When there is a right away line-of-sight between the the front door and the lower back door, it approach the chi (or power) is taking pictures through the house too speedy,” says Benko. Instead of having it fly instantly out the again door, “you want it to move in a sleek undulating way that is going around your entire home evenly,” she suggests.


The Solution: Slow the chi down with a patterned rug at the ground, art work on the walls, or maybe a spherical access table.

Keep Your House Clear of Clutter – While this will look like an obvious hassle to address around the residence, we are all too responsible of gathering tchotchkes that don’t play a particular characteristic within the domestic. According to Benko, litter is greater than just visually displeasing: “It’s an energetic anchor that impedes the great things from unfolding in our lives,” she says. “An immoderate amount of litter stops us from having readability of notion, and can weigh us down emotionally.” Feng shui is less about having an excessively perfectly styled home, and extra about creating a glad and healthful environment.

The Solution: Make certain that you have the perfect organizational structures in region for the whole lot to your existence: from paying bills, to recycling, to having a chosen spot to your keys. You’ll sense lighter, much less frazzled, and extra green.

Keep the Path to the Front Door Clear – “The front door could be very essential in feng shui,” says Benko. After all, it’s the primary portal via which electricity enters your home, bear in mind? From the out of doors, she shows “think about the chi as a primary-time tourist trying to find your property—you want to make sure it is genuinely lit, nicely-marked, and the cope with visible.” On the internal, you want to make certain you’re now not taking walks directly into a wall—”it is able to metaphorically make you feel like you are up in opposition to a wall each day,” she says.


The Solution: Install a replicate. When you dangle the replicate, Benko advises to connect an aim to it, like increasing the possibilities to your life, and no longer allowing yourself to experience restrained.

Give Guests a Reason to Pause – Since energy enters through the main portal (examine: your the front door), you do not want to have it shoot straight up the stairs, says the feng shui professional. Remember the way you predicted the chi as a visitor? When you invite a traveler into your own home, it’d be weird for them to head directly to the refrigerator or the bedroom, right? Instead, you want them to linger in the not unusual region.

The Solution: Slow down electricity flowing into your own home by means of including a stair runner, or paintings that causes you to pause and reflect. Another feng shui answer is setting a grounding element that symbolizes heaviness on the pinnacle of the steps, to anchor the chi and force it to slow down.

Balance the Five Elements – The five elements—earth, wood, fire, water, and metal—can be present in your house both physically or symbolically. For instance, you can carry the fire element with warm tones, like reds and oranges, or you may have real fire with a fireplace or a burning candle.

The idea, says Benko, is to strike a stability among all factors. “A lot of times, humans are attracted to elements that they both need more of, or it truly is a top notch purpose of imbalance of their lives.” For instance, humans having problems with aggression have to be mindful of not having an excessive amount of hearth factors as a part of their decor, like a shiny pink wall. Conversely, persona types missing motivation have to infuse more of the fire detail of their homes to provide them a lift.

The Solution: Look carefully at the literal and symbolic factors that are showing up in your private home, as they can be a cause of imbalance in your emotional existence. The idea is to strike a nice balance among all five.

Remove Negative Symbolism – If you search for it, Benko says, “symbolism is continuously bombarding us on an everyday foundation. From literature to traffic signage to films, we’re usually being guided with the aid of symbolism. In our houses, it’s greater even greater, because we’re creating these intimate environments that most customarily represent our fears and demanding situations.” Often, we unwittingly make stronger the demanding situations in our lives by having their symbols in our area.

Benko says there is a slew of emotional problems continuously being displayed in her clients’ homes. “Do you have hassle getting readability? Check when you have stuff all over your surfaces. Do you have shallowness troubles? Check in case your mirrors are hung too high, so you can never measure up. Are you chronically single? Assess in case you’re loading up your private home with unmarried imagery—a unmarried vase, a single chair, a single character in a photograph.”

The Solution: Evaluate what demanding situations you’re dealing with in life, and try and discover whether they’re symbolically displaying up on your space. Remove the symbols, and replace them with items you want to draw.

Maximize Natural Light – It should come as no wonder that natural light could make us experience happier and more effective. “Mirrors in feng shui are like aspirin,” jokes Benko. “They’re prescribed often to treat many ailments. They’re a quick adjustment whilst you want to increase a space, and produce in more light.” The key here is to be very conscious of what the mirrors reflect. Is it a stack of bills (i.E. Greater clutter) or a stunning view?

The Solution: When you grasp a replicate, make certain it reflects extra mild, a serene view, or an expansive a part of the room.

Rebalance Workstations within the Kitchen – For performance’s sake, it’s never realistic to have work stations situated again-to-lower back. Think approximately what it will appear to be when two human beings are cooking. This is why many kitchen experts will advocate a triangular installation among the refrigerator, stove, and sink. But Benko shows there may be additionally a feng shui reasoning at the back of it: “There can be a conflict inside the house if you have fireplace proper across from water—water places out fire.”

The Solution: If you’ve got that configuration in your kitchen, no need to intestine renovate simply yet. Instead, put a timber detail among the sink and range—water feeds wooden, and wooden feeds fireplace. So in this example, wood acts like a mitigating detail between the two opposing forces. Wood is likewise represented through the color green in feng shui, which can be used as opposed to the real cloth.


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