Five motives why Indian toilets are better than western bathrooms


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1.Reasons why Indian lavatories are better than western lavatories
It’s genuinely a be counted of preference when we talk approximately Indian or Western lavatories. While maximum families are installing western toilets, there are many who still decide upon the Indian style bathroom.


It goes without saying that western bathrooms are relaxed however they have many disadvantages too. Here are five reasons why Indian fashion lavatories are higher than the western fashion bathrooms.

2.​Indian toilets hold you fitter
Squatting in Indian bathrooms makes you workout each day, which is right in your typical health. While most of us recognise the importance of exercise, we nonetheless choose to disregard it. Sitting in Indian bathrooms makes you squat, sweat and pass your palms.

It is said that the manner you take a seat in Indian toilet will increase your blood movement and is a notable exercise in your hands and legs.

3.​Indian lavatories can enhance digestion
Squatting squeezes your stomach, which aids digestion by means of pressing, pressurizing and churning the meals for your belly. Sitting in western-fashion rest room does not positioned any pressure on our belly and now and again doesn’t even lead to top and satisfactory clearance of stool.

​4.Indian lavatories are green
You use bathroom paper in Western lavatories, which additionally leads to wastage of paper. There is not any paper wastage in case of Indian lavatories. Western toilets require even more water as compared to Indian bathrooms.


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