Fridge-Dos and Don’ts+My Fridge Tour


How Professional Kitchens Organize the FridgeWhen organizing the fridge, we adore to use expert and eating place kitchens as models, because they prepare their refrigerators with meals protection in mind. Their manner of doing it’s far to arrange based at the temperature the meals need to be cooked to.

Things that need no cooking to be secure to devour (like organized ingredients or leftovers) are positioned on the pinnacle, then the whole lot else is prepared downwards based at the temperature it needs to be cooked to, with the meals wanting to be cooked to the best temperature (like bird) being at the lowest.


When prepared this way, any cross-contamination that happens received’t be a trouble due to the fact the meals that’s contaminated needs to be cooked to a higher temperature than the meals sitting above it that could have dripped down.


How to Organize Your Own FridgeSo how do we undertake their manner of organization? Here’s the approach that uses the equal standards, tailored to the configurations of a home refrigerator.
1. Upper shelves: Leftovers, beverages, and ready-to-eat foods (like yogurt, cheese, and deli meats).
2. Lower shelves: Raw elements slated for cooked dishes.

Door: The refrigerator door is the warmest part of the refrigerator, so only condiments must move there. Don’t placed eggs or milk in the door, as they should be placed in a less warm part of the fridge.
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4. Drawers: These may be problematic. Because they’re designed to hold produce at precise humidities, it makes feel to shop end result and veggies there. But they’re typically at the bottom of the refrigerator, so we risk contaminating our fresh greens if we positioned meat on the shelf above

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