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garden design ideas to make the best of your outdoor space


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1. Get your lawn into shape
Look from your window at your lawn and the largest form you will in all likelihood see is your lawn. If it’s an awesome, sturdy form, it’s going to set the entire lawn on the proper track. And don’t forget, it would not have to be a rectangle – attempt an oval, circle, rectangular or rectangular form. For an ideal reduce, why not strive the compact, lightweight and cordless Bosch Isio Shape and Edge Set, best for cutting trees, small leafed hedges and garden edges with up to 50 minutes runtime.

2. Plan your planting
The nice lawn designs start with structural plants infilled with pretty, flowering plant life. So use evergreen shrubs at the stop of each border and as punctuation alongside the way. Include small shrubs along with box balls, or massive evergreens, as an example mahonia, for larger regions. Once you’ve got this frame, fill the gaps with pretty flowering flora. Try to stick to simply 5 or six different types and set up them in repeated patterns for a coordinated and harmonious impact. A metre or more extensive is a great size for a border, giving you sufficient area to position smaller vegetation on the the front with taller ones at the back of.


Remember, narrow, low-planted beds can define seating or eating regions, as can lines of planted-up troughs – pick evergreen scented flora, such as lavender or Mexican orange blossom. Containers offer the maximum flexibility although, permitting you to move them around but fits. ‘Creeping rosemary is a terrific plant for edging in boxes, because it trails rather than growing upright, is evergreen and included in blue vegetation in spring,’ says Tony Woods, director of lawn layout business enterprise Garden Club London.

If you don’t have room for metre-deep beds, you could location climbers in the back of the border so you can nonetheless get peak in the planting. In phrases of mountain climbing vegetation, choose an evergreen like clematis, which offers a stunning and colourful display.

Tony Woods recommends celebrity jasmine for seating areas: ‘It’s very well-behaved, produces loads of white, waxy, scented plants for the duration of the summer and reacts well to being cut back, so is right for positioning in the back of a seating region where you don’t want plant life striking over and may experience the fragrance.’

When you’re choosing flowering flora attempt to make some of them ‘out of season’ performers so you have some year-round colour, or installed spring and early summer bulbs to get the lawn off to a high-quality start.

Concerned about the environmental impact of your lawn? If you are looking for methods to make it extra sustainable. The Samphire Garden by means of Sue Townsend demonstrates how you may create a lawn that blessings the planet and continues to be bursting with texture and visual interest.


Set amongst paving of domestically reclaimed York Stone, the coastal garden in Suffolk uses a rich palette of drought-tolerant planting including local beach vegetation, grasses and Mediterranean shrubs surrounded by means of a stone mulch in one of a kind sizes, Plants consist of verbena bonariensis, eryngiums, euphorbias, lavender, achillea, ballota, miscanthus nepalensis, pennisetum, verbena and thymus. Ensure you use permeable surfaces to allow water to be released naturally into the floor.

3. Trees
Mature timber may be a place to begin for constructing a scheme. They block the glare of the solar and also can be used as an anchor for colour sails, a putting chair, pendant lighting or placing decorations.

Trees can also display screen an unattractive view or assist to filter out noise and air pollution in case you stay near a busy avenue. And they advantage nature drastically, offering pollen for bugs and refuge for birds, and converting air-borne carbon dioxide into oxygen.

‘Trees are amazing as a habitat and food source for wildlife and as a source of carbon capture. They additionally deliver structure and architecture to a lawn,’ says Sarah Squire, Chair of Squire’s Garden Centres. ‘There are bushes for every length and form of garden, from a small acer in a pot on a balcony or a excellent flowering cherry in a again lawn, to birch, whitebeam and hornbeam (my non-public favorite) for large spaces.’

In reality a growing trend is multi-stem trees – planting these can create an architectural showpiece, with the fashionable canopies lending themselves to layered underplanting or, if planted exclusively, growing a striking structural statement. As seen underneath in this contemporary Suffolk lawn by way of Caitlin McLauglin, multi-stem bushes and smooth planting creates a deconstructed forest surroundings in a the front courtyard lawn.

4. Beautiful paving
The colour and fashion of your paving and the manner it’s miles laid can provide a robust layout path for the complete garden. For instance, grey or white stone laid in a random pattern will set the scene for a French united states of america look. Black or silver paving organised in a ordinary design will form the correct backdrop to a graceful and modern-day scheme, while golden stone organized in a blended sample creates an English united states of america feel.

Need some thought? Butter Wakefield created an intricate paving layout of 10 interlinking circles in her Ribbon Wheel garden, each one exceptional in design and length and linked to each other with the aid of a ‘ribbon’ of York cobblestones. The circles, produced from a mixture of limestone and York stone are laid in a combination of setts and cobbles developing a stunning effect.

If you want to create the lawn of your desires, interest to detail is everything. Create a beautiful scheme by way of coordinating your flowers along with your preference of paving. For instance:

Grey or white stone appears excellent with red and white blooms
Black and silver paving seems fantastic with robust colorings along with crimson, orange and yellow
Golden paving works with plant life which have tender tones – crimson, lavender, and chalky yellow.
Michael John McGarr, director and garden dressmaker at Warnes McGarr & Co, shows: ‘Rather than jet washing the old worn paving, consider something new and interesting like huge-format porcelain paving. Porcelain absorbs no water so calls for much less cleansing than traditional form of paving which means less pressure washing and much less hard work when improved over future years.’

Regardless, it is an excellent concept to create a waft of motion from your home into the garden: ‘By ensuring your paving is the identical degree as your indoor floors, you can blur the strains among the interior and the outdoors of the property,’ provides Michael.

5. Distinct ranges
Is your garden on exclusive degrees? If you don’t just like the idea of incorporating stone steps, you can achieve a unbroken appearance along with your present lawn, as an instance, allowing the go with the flow from one area to the subsequent. As seen inside the underneath photograph, Garden designer Helen Elks-Smith used grass treads, integrating them into the present lawn to connect the lower patio to the small solar terrace above.

Looking for decking ideas? If you have an choppy or sloping lawn, decking is a super and value-effective choice for levelling it out. Decking also can have break up ranges and consist of steps, making it an appropriate area for eating furniture, and because of its use, a decked garden area normally needs to face up to heavy foot visitors.

Environmentally pleasant, anti-slip and preservation-free, Millboard’s composite decking boards are an progressive blend of polyurethane and a mineral combo, presenting the splendor and versatility of natural timber without the preservation. This timber-unfastened decking has a non porous outer layer, so it basically self-cleans so the rain will do the difficult work.

6. The furniture
For smaller courtyards and patios, move for folding furniture, or bench seating that can be tucked beneath a eating desk whilst now not in use. L-shaped sofas may be extraordinarily compact, but look and sense steeply-priced. Larger spaces can take full-on seating units, with matching chairs, sofas and tables; sun loungers and day beds, or on-trend hanging chairs or swing seats.

Invest in a very good garden furniture set in an effort to ultimate for years to come. Consider the space and allow sufficient room for each person to be able to sit down readily and pull out their chair with out bouncing anything. And bear in mind, you may also want room to stroll across the desk with all of us seated. It takes up a good deal extra space than you might think!

According to Claire Belderbos, director of garden landscaping experts, Belderbos Landscapes, ‘a eating desk works best inside the region of the lawn that has early afternoon full or partial solar. Put a smaller seating area wherein you can enjoy the nighttime sun’.

If, as an example, you can’t circulate your three-piece suite interior over wintry weather, purchase furniture covers to guard and expand its life. And some thing lawn fixtures you buy, bear in mind to accessorise with outside cushions for added consolation.

And let’s no longer overlook different lawn need to-haves, which includes hearth pits, patio warmers, chimineas and barbecues – making plans area for those is prime, as is wherein they will be stored as soon as its wintry weather.


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