Belching and gas Natural Home Remedies


Belching is the process of releasing the gas in the digestive tract through the mouth. It’s a natural phenomenon and commonly referred to as burping. Excessive belching is a troublesome condition. Watch how you can treat belching using natural ingredients available in your kitchen!

• Belching is that the method of emotional the gas within the GI tract through the mouth
• it is a phenomenon and normally named as belching
• It reduces discomfort within the abdomen
• Excessive belching could be a hard condition


Symptoms to seem for:


• The gas is in the midst of a definite smell and sound

• ingestion and drinking too quick will cause excess air to be enveloped beside food
• overwhelming effervescent drinks like soft drinks, beer, etc.
• dyspepsia

Natural home remedy victimization acetum and lemon juice:
1. Take one glass of water
2. Add one tsp apple acetum
3. Add one tsp juice
4. Mix well
5. Drink the mixture before each meal

Natural home remedy victimization mint leaves:
1. Take one glass of water
2. Crush a few of mint leaves to form a paste
3. Add this paste to water
4. Mix well
5. Drink once everyday for two weeks

Natural home remedy victimization curd, salt and asafetida powder:
1. Take one glass of water
2. Add one tbsp of curd
3. Add one tsp salt
4. Add a pinch of asafetida powder
5. Mix well
6. Drink everyday

• Sit upright once ingestion
• Eat slowly
• Eat tiny quantities of food
• Avoid chew gums
• Avoid effervescent drinks
• Avoid ingestion too several onion and chocolates
• Exercise often to scale back stress


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