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Get Expert Advice on The Right Window and Door Vastu


Vastu shastra is all approximately regenerating superb strength in spaces. As far as homes cross, energies drift in and out through the doorways and windows. Vastu experts are of the opinion that there are unique directions in which doors and windows ought to be placed. Widow and door vastu promote a healthy and rich life-style.

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Homeowners of a vastu-compliant domestic must pay unique attention to doorways and windows (suppose their positioning, path and substances used) for numerous motives. Not most effective do they serve the cause of letting in air and daylight, additionally they let in effective power and save you negative power from entering the house.

#1: Mind the primary door


According to door vastu for flats, the primary door of the home should be the most important door of the house and ought to be located inside the north, east or north-east route. A -shuttered door, beginning interior is taken into consideration auspicious. Try and incorporate lovely designs on the principle door, with vivid lights and suitable hues. Basically, do now not keep the principle door dull and drab.

#2: Keep it even

Positivity also comes in even numbers. Vastu specialists say that the variety of doors and home windows at domestic ought to continually be even and in multiples of two, like , four, six and so on.

#3: Size subjects

The sizes of all the doorways at domestic have to be of the same size, except for the front door. Varying door sizes are discouraged by Vastu specialists. The handiest door that have to stand out, is the primary door. If you continue to want to make some doors larger, then make certain they may be located within the south or west path, in place of the north or east.

#4: Door mechanism
When it comes to the mechanism of doorways at home, door vastu specialists say that it is fine to have hinged doorways that do not creak while opening or ultimate. Apparently, there might be extra quarrels at domestic with creaky doors and home windows. Smooth hinges reflect better relationships at home. It’s additionally excellent to keep away from self-closing doors.

#5: On to the home windows
All home windows ought to preferably be of symmetrical form and proportionate height. Since windows are the source of fresh air and sunlight, they must constantly be placed opposite doors. This will ensure that there’s maximum ventilation at home. The quantity of home windows at home ought to also be in even numbers.

Avoid the south-west direction in widespread for windows as the sun’s harmful UV rays are projected the most on this course
The bigger the windows, within the north, east or north-east course, the higher! The north brings prosperity while the east brings development and health


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