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This one’s for all of the spice junkies out there. There are instances when we frequently turn out to be shopping for green chillies in massive portions, however sooner or later struggle while storing them. Most of the instances, because of beside the point storage, inexperienced chillies tend to head terrible. If you wish to dispose of the equal, and need to growth the shelf existence of the chillies, then those clean and less expensive methods of storing them may come to great help. Read directly to recognize greater approximately them:

Store In A Zip Lock Bag
To preserve inexperienced chillies for longer duration, shop them in zip lock bags. Just put off the stem a part of the chillies and transfer them inner a zip lock bag. Place the bag inner a refrigerator and use the inexperienced chillies as and whilst required. This way, your chillies can live fresh for upto a week or so.


Store In An Air-Tight box With Kitchen Towel InsideIf you’re going on a long excursion and do not want those chillies stored in the fridge to move stale, just observe this easy hack and you may be able to maintain them for at the least 20-25 days. Take a container and calmly area two layers of kitchen towel in it. Once that is carried out, get rid of the stem a part of the chillies and switch them inside the container. Cover the chillies with any other layer of the kitchen towel and near the lid of the air-tight container. Store it in refrigerator and use as and while required. The kitchen towel will help in absorbing extra moisture from the chillies.

Cover With Aluminium Foil
Another smooth manner of increasing the shelf life of green chillies is by using overlaying it with aluminium foil after which freezing it. Just place the green chillies on a plate and cover the complete plate with aluminium foil. Put the plate internal a freezer and permit it to freeze for 6-7 hours. Once this is performed, deliver it out and keep the frozen chillies in an air-tight field. Place it internal a refrigerator. This manner, the green chillies will live clean for upto 2 months.

Who would not love a complementary bunch of fresh coriander with inexperienced chillies in packets full of greens on the sabzi-mandi? Well, all of us do. We love how coriander, or dhania, complements the flavor of any delicacy; be it curries, rice or snacks. However, to keep those herbs sparkling for longer is one hard mission, which usually outcomes in a rotten bunch it really is tossed into the dustbin. But if you understand the proper way to maintain this flavourful and remarkable-healthy herb, it is able to stay clean for more than a week. If you are nevertheless searching out some ways to provide coriander a longer shelf-existence, then we’ve your returned. We recommend a few amazingly easy and practicable methods to save clean coriander for longer.

How To Store Fresh Coriander?

Turmeric Water Method:
Buy or get sparkling coriander leaves and cut the muddy roots from the bunch.
Now, take a field, upload water and a teaspoonful of turmeric powder to it.
Dip the coriander leaves in the turmeric water and maintain them for about half-hour.Wash and permit them to dry nicely. To ensure the leaves have dried properly, dab them with a paper towel.
Once the coriander leaves are dried, take some other container and cover it with a paper towel and upload the leaves into it. Make every other layer of paper towel at the top and near the lid nicely.
Make certain there is not even a unmarried drop of moisture left inside the leaves. Store the air-tight field in the fridge. The leaves will stay clean till about to 3 weeks.

Soak In The Water Method
Trim the ends of the coriander leaves and wash them very well.
Dry the clean leaves the usage of paper towel.
Now, fill 1 / 4 of a sturdy glass jar with cool water. Arrange the coriander leaves within the glass, ensuring all the stem ends are submerged. Leaves have to continue to be above the surface of water. See to it that if the leaves are touching water surface, you can discard a number of it.
Take a zipper-lock bag and vicinity it at the top of the glass jar. Let the outlet of the bag remain loose and hold the jar together with the cover within the fridge.
You will need to change the water after each few days.
Using this method, coriander can remain fresh up to 2 weeks.

Store In The Zip-Lock Bag Method
Wash the coriander leaves well and let them dry.
Divide the coriander leaves into smaller batches.
Now, take a chunk of paper towel, upload one batch of the coriander leaves and roll it once.
Take any other batch and roll it from the other cease once.
Repeat this manner for the opposite batches. Once done, hold the rolled batches in a zip-lock bag.
Once you’ve got added the batches into the baggage; lock the baggage nicely and shop them within the fridge.
This technique can keep the coriander leaves sparkling for greater than weeks.


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