Growing Mango Trees: Information On Planting And Caring For A Mango Tree


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The juicy, ripe mango fruit has a wealthy, tropical aroma and flavor that summons mind of sunny climates and sultry breezes. The home gardener in warmer zones can carry that taste out of the lawn. However, how do you grow a mango tree? Mango tree planting is suitable in zones wherein temperatures do now not commonly dip below 40 F (four C.). If you’re fortunate enough to live in a tropical to sub-tropical weather, take these recommendations for mango tree care and revel in the end result of your labors in only a few years.

How Do You Grow a Mango Tree? Mango timber (Mangifera indica) are deep-rooted vegetation which could emerge as big specimens inside the landscape. They are evergreen and usually produced off rootstocks that boom the hardiness of the flora. Mango timber start fruit production in 3 years and shape fruit speedy. Choose a variety that is first-class ideal to your area.


The plant can thrive in nearly any soil however calls for properly-drained soil in a domain with protection from bloodless. Position your tree wherein it’s going to receive full solar for fine fruit manufacturing. New mango tree planting is achieved in overdue iciness to early spring whilst the plant isn’t always actively developing.

Mango Tree Planting Prepare the web page via digging a hollow this is twice as wide and deep as the foundation ball. Check the drainage with the aid of filling the hole with water and looking how fast it drains. Mango timber can live to tell the tale some periods of flooding, however the healthiest flora are produced wherein soils percolate well.

Plant the young tree with the graft scar simply on the soil floor. You don’t need to prune the young plant however look ahead to suckers from the graft and prune them off. Young mango tree care need to consist of frequent watering as the plant establishes.

Growing Mango Trees from Seed Mango trees develop effortlessly from seed. Get a fresh mango pit and slit the difficult husk. Remove the seed inside and plant it in seed starter mix in a huge pot. Situate the seed with ¼-inch sticking out above the soil floor while developing mango trees. Keep the soil calmly wet and area the pot in which temperatures stay as a minimum 70 F. (21 C.). Sprouting might also occur as early as eight to 14 days, however can also take up to a few weeks. Keep in mind that your new mango tree seedling will no longer produce fruit for at least six years.

Caring for a Mango Tree Mango tree care is much like that of any fruit tree. Water the bushes deeply to saturate the lengthy taproot. Allow the top floor of the soil to dry to a intensity of several inches before watering once more. Withhold irrigation for two months previous to flowering after which resume as soon as fruits start to produce. Fertilize the tree with nitrogen fertilizer three times per yr. Space the feedings and practice 1 pound in line with year of tree increase.

Prune whilst the tree is 4 years antique to put off any susceptible stems and convey a strong scaffold of branches. Thereafter, prune best to take away broken or diseased plant fabric. Caring for mango timber need to additionally consist of looking for pests and sicknesses. Deal with those as they arise with organic insecticides, cultural and organic controls or horticultural oils. Growing mango timber in the home landscape will provide you with an entire life of sparkling smelly fruit from an appealing colour tree.


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