Health Benefits of Aak Flower – Crown Flower


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Diseases are liked through none and are right for not anything. Even when a few suffer from any sort of ailment, they don’t like to get Medicated with oral or injectable type of things. So then what to be completed! Hey guys, cheer up these days we can be telling you a very one of a kind remedy to deal with sicknesses.


Using flowers is a herbal and very low-priced way to deal with someone’s health. Some of them are loose, and clean to get. They are available available, both grow wild or cultivated by using farmers. Some of main medicinal plant life are native to Asia. One of them is aak plant, scientifically referred to as Calotropis gigantea.

‘Aak’ is also called ‘Madar’. The species- pink and white, are distinctly useful from an Ayurvedic factor of view. Numerous drug treatments are manufactured the use of aak as an aspect as it’s far a recognized remedy for plenty sicknesses. It is also used as a domestic medication to deal with diverse problems. It is noticeably poisonous and need to be treated with fantastic care. If you get the juice on your eyes it reasons immediately blindness. Suicides have used it and it’s miles an arbortifacient. Despite this it also has super recovery powers and has been used in Ayurvedic medicinal drug for centuries. It is local to Pakistan and parts of India.

This following article lists the medicinal values of aak and its position in treating exclusive sicknesses.

Its leaves are a commonplace aspect in lots of ayurvedic merchandise, herbal teas, remedial concoctions, and so forth. It possesses healing houses and can be used to deal with fitness problems. In diabetes remedy, aak is often used, as herbalists have said, they could have a hypoglycemic impact.


Chemical Composition of Aak Leaves and Medicinal Qualities

The most important cause for the flexibility of Aak leaves in medicinal drug is because of its chemical composition. According to analysts’ research, an aak leaf contains cardiac glycosides, that is commonly used in coronary heart medicine. It additionally has fatty acids and calcium oxalate that are imperative in many western medicines.

It has been determined to have antifungal properties and may be used to treatment pores and skin fungal diseases such as athlete’s foot and ringworm. It has also been found to have anti-carcinogenic houses in laboratory exams. It is likewise an effective anti inflammatory agent. It contains the poisonous glycosides uscharin, Calotropis and calotoxin. Uscharin is an powerful killer of land snails in the event that they turn out to be pestilential. It also has anti-coagulant homes, so ought to help save you blood clots although it has up to now no longer been tested on human beings.

In Ayurvedic medication it’s miles used for many functions: the powdered leaves help wounds heal quick. They are top for indigestion, liver disorders, constipation, intestinal worms and pores and skin troubles. A drink is ready with aak vegetation and milk to cure colds, coughs, catarrh and allergies. They are also used to treatment piles.

The leaves can be boiled and used as a warm poultice to relieve belly pains, complications and sprains. A tincture made from the leaves is stated to be appropriate for fevers. Parts of the plant also are given as an aphrodisiac and a sedative, and as it became determined to stimulate the blood drift, it in all likelihood can assist men with erectile dysfunctions. The pores and skin from the root is used in decoctions for pores and skin problems.

Some of the alternative applications are:

Helps stabilize blood flow
Helps in treating gastrointestinal sicknesses
Helps in treating neurological disorders
Good for nausea and diarrhea
Used as an antidote for snake bites
Has recovery properties to deal with allergies
As cited earlier, not knowing the way to use aak leaves nicely can result in deadly effects. Always seek advice from a professional earlier than seeking to comprise this plants use on your non-public arrangements.

Aak Crown Flower – white madar flower (Crown Flower) Botanical Classification
Family: Asclepiadaceae
English: Madar, Giant Milk-weed, Roostertree, Mudar plant
Sanskrit: Alarka, Rajaarka, Shvetarka, Vasuka, Mandaar,Bhasvanmuula, Dinesh, Prabhakar
Unani: white madar flower, Aak
Siddha/Tamil: Erukku
Arabic: Oshar
French: Calotrope, Pomme de Sodome
German: Wahre Mudarpflanzer, Gomeiner
Italian: Calotropo
Spanish: Algodon extranjero, Cazuela
Turkish: Ipekag
Aak Leaves for diabetes and weight problems:
Can there be anything which can heal the element with just the contact? Rubbish aspect, right! But it’s miles genuine. All of you should have heard about ‘Aak leaves’. It is known via many names like Akwan, Madar, Swallow wort and lots of extra. For a lot of us, it’s miles a toxic plant but its is not so.

Aak leaves can surely be said as miracle leaves. It has the capability to treat Diabetes and Obesity (Heavy tummy), with just the easy touch. Today we can be speakme approximately the equal.

Aak vegetation are found anywhere in specific species. It bears bluish-white vegetation with thorny end result. It has many non secular aspects, because the flora and end result are used in the worshipping of Lord Shiva. Well, allow us to talk how Aak leaves can deal with Obesity and Diabetes.

Take 2 full leaves of Aak plant.
From the alternative facet which is little hard, area it for your experience sole and put on socks.
Do the same with each the ft.
Make positive that the leaves are touching your soles completely.
All ow the leaves to stay there for complete day, earlier than going to sleep put off it and wash your legs.
Repeat the process with new leaves for every week.
After the week, go for the blood sugar checkup.
You can be surprised! The consequences can be all everyday, or it would be balanced for more than your expectations. It also helps to maintain your inflated tummy fit. So, was it a miracle or now not.

Root of Aak Effective in pores and skin sicknesses:
The use of Aak Root in skin sicknesses gives remarkable effects by making use of the paste of its root bark heals all kinds of boils, blood impurities and syphilis and so forth. The application of bark paste with Rassindur, Surma (Srotojan) and Sambharsing useful in case of elephantine foot disorder.
When the ‘neemoli oil’ with bark powder is applied on pores and skin, all kinds of ragged up pores and skin diseases get quick cured. With the usage of its root bark, the enlarged up spleen and diseases bobbing up out of it gets effortlessly alleviated. The root bark powder while excited about saunf, rose flower petals or dalchini chases away persistent dysentery.

The flowers of listening deal with the gas inside the stomach, increase the urge for food, and digestion. It kills the lack of appetite, excessive waft of saliva thru the mouth, treats hemorrhoids, and therapies cough and bronchial asthma for proper. Acid leaves are nicely-hanged and wound and swollen.

Precautions for Aak Flower leaves:
The milk that drains from Aak leaves is toxic. Do no longer allow it input your eyes, in any other case it is able to damage your eyesight. If you are diabetic affected person or fed dangerous body then you ought to deliver it a try. May be it can help you. Be cautious and live properly!


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