Health Benefits of Almonds


Health Benefits of Almonds
They reduce heart attack risk.
Those who consume whacky 5 times every week have a few fifty % reduction in risk of attack consistent with the Loma Linda faculty of Public Health.


They lower “bad” cholesterin.
Almonds else to the diet have a positive impact on blood cholesterin levels, consistent with a clinical study by Dr. sequence Spiller, Director of the Health analysis and Studies Center, Inc.

They protects artery walls from injury.
It was found that the flavonoids in almond skins add activity with the tocopherol, therefore reducing the danger of cardiovascular disease (Research at Tufts University).


Almonds facilitate build sturdy bones and teeth.
The phosphorus in almonds helps create this potential.

They provide healthy fats

Although whacky ar high in fat, frequent nut eaters ar diluent on the average than people who virtually ne’er consume whacky. (Data from the Nurses’ Health Study)

Almonds lower the increase in blood glucose and endocrine once meals.

They help offer smart brain perform.
Almonds contain B complex and L-carnitine, nutrients that boost brain activity and will conjointly scale back the danger of Alzheimer’s unwellness.

They nourish the systema nervosum.
According to writing, almonds facilitate increase high intellectual level and longevity.


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