Health Benefits of yogurt (Watch malayalam video )


Health Benefits of yogurt

• dairy product is rich in calcium, that is important for maintaining colon health and reducing the danger of colon cancer.
• Ca works with the live cultures found in some dairy product to extend absorption by the bones, creating dairy product a wonderful option to help stop osteoporosis.
• dairy product is a vital supply of Ca for people that have issue digesting the disaccharide (sugar) in milk, as a result of dairy product contains Lactaid -– the protein we’d like to interrupt down disaccharide for correct digestion.
• dairy product is made in supermolecule, B vitamins and essential minerals and low in carbohydrates. it is also low in fat (if you decide on dairy product made of fat-free or low-fat milk).
Beneficial bacterium


Eating dairy product could facilitate with digestion, except for dairy product to own this positive result, you not solely need to eat it with live bacterium, however you must additionally eat it daily. Why? solely atiny low quantity of the bacterium it contains will face up to the acidity of our stomachs and reach the intestines. As well, the bacterium can experience your gastrointestinal system among each day or 2, therefore to confirm that it’s in your intestines in the least time, you must eat dairy product each day.


Not new, however improved
To make dairy product even healthier for customers, some makers ar adding sure key nutrients that ar usually deficient in our diet. Check labels for nutrient contents.

Folic acid: Deficiency of this B vitamin is related to innate malformations in infants. artificial B vitamin supplementary to food is absorbed at virtually double the speed of that found naturally, creating its addition to food extraordinarily useful to pregnant and nursing ladies. Low levels of B vitamin also are coupled to coronary cardiovascular disease and stroke. you’ll notice B vitamin in Yoplait supply Cardio dairy product.

Vitamin D: Some yogurts contain this alimentation, that is very important for serving to our bodies absorb and use Ca. ergocalciferol is particularly necessary for individuals over fifty, UN agency would like double the number as those below fifty. you’ll notice it in yogurts like Astro Jeunesse, Yoplait supply, and Danone Activia, Cardiva and Silhouette.

Omega-3s: Since our bodies cannot synthesize these essential fatty acids, we’ve to induce them through food. Omega-3s contribute to traditional growth and development of our brain, eyes and nervous system; they’ll additionally scale back the danger of cardiovascular disease, inflammatory issues and depression. you’ll notice them in yogurts like Astro BioBest Omega three, Danone Cardiva and Yoplait supply Cardio.


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