Home made skin whitening oil for men and women


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1. Blackcurrant Seed Essential Oil
Munakka, as it’s miles popularly called, is a brilliant treatment for dry pores and skin. It allows in recovery scars, retards formation of wrinkles and keeps the radiance. It is effective due to Omega 3 and Omega 6 which keeps the pores and skin supple. You can apply a drop or in your pointers after which massage lightly on your face. It can be used for the duration of daylight. It has advantages like making the pores and skin brighter or even tone.


2. Argan Essential Oil
Argan oil or Moroccan oil is likewise known as Liquid gold due to its appearance. It is a product of Morocco, and is to be had online in India as nicely. Apart from its numerous benefits on hair and pores and skin, this oil may be used for anti growing old purposes as properly. You can follow few drops of this oil, rubdown your face and neck and leave it over night. Argan oil has anti-inflammatory homes; which is why it reduces the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes. Use on your dry skin. It cleans the pores and skin and arrests melanin boom. It is a skin whitening ingredient and enhances the herbal glow.

This oil acts as a splendor product and a moisturizer. In case you be afflicted by eczema, you may observe Argan oil. Argan oil is also effective in remedy of rashes, cuts and bruises. Argan oil can also forestall the boom of acne. Wash your oily face with water and face wash, pat the face dry, observe few drops of Argan oil for nice effects.

3. Grape Seed Essential Oil
Obtained from grapes, this oil suits oily skin sincerely well. It reduces the formation of zits and absorbs extra amount of oil out of your face. Grape Seed Oil is also powerful for whitening the pores and skin and curtailing blemishes and also can be used for pores and skin brightening purposes because it lightens the complexion of your skin very quickly.


4. Lavender Essential Oil
Lavender or Chameli Oil is fine suited for dry and everyday skin kinds. Its excellent for oily pores and skin whitening. It heals the skin, soothes the nerves and curbs hyper pigmentation. You must practice this oil at night simplest.

5. Rose Essential Oil
Have you ever used Rose Water? If yes, then you understand what I am speaking approximately. Rose Essential Oil is a complete product in its personal. You do now not need to add it to some other aspect. Just observe this oil on your face, rub down lightly and go off to sleep. It is also desirable for whitening of oily to combination skin. This product enables in lightening dark spots, removing zits and maintaining your pores and skin tight as well.

6. Almond Essential Oil
Yes, it clearly works nicely. Almond oil is extraordinarily effective in treating below eye circles apart from making the pores and skin brighter. It nourishes the pores and skin by delicately peeling off the dead cells, thereby giving you a sparkling and glowing look.

You can also mix this oil with Sandalwood Oil and observe in your face for powerful whitening effects. This can be used on everyday skin. Use this oil for body rub down also. This will also help you in eliminating tanning and different advantages like clean, faultless and glowing pores and skin.

7. Sandalwood Essential Oil
It may be used as a Toner. Regular utilization of Sandalwood Oil is appropriate for brightening and whitening of skin and allows in eradicating blemishes and blackheads. It is the last remedy for dry pores and skin. Use it as astringent, oil, face percent, anti inflammatory agent and a skin whitening product. Apply it at night time simplest. Sandalwood Oil also cures rashes, swelling and rashes.

8. Olive Essential Oil
Olive Oil has Vitamin E, thereby making it an splendid product for nourishing skin because it offers skin brightening and lightening effects. It helps in treating high-quality strains and Crow’s toes, and is thought for curing Skin Cancer.

For ordinary use, use 2tsps of Olive Oil to half of a cup of Yogurt and three spoons honey. Mix nicely. Apply it in your face once per week for excellent results. This is extremely effective in doing away with pigments and choppy pores and skin tone. You also can use Olive Oil in casting off make up. It can also make the skin lighter. You will see a brighter skin within some days.

9. Marula Essential Oil
Marula Oil, is located in Africa, and has Oleic Acid, that’s required for healthy skin. It hydrates the skin naturally and has anti growing old houses. If you tour plenty and your pores and skin is continuously uncovered to pollution, practice this oil every night time for excellent consequences. Who wouldn’t like to strive for brighter and fairer looking skin.

10. Coconut Essential Oil
You can use it for lightening pores and skin patches. Not perfect for making use of at the face even though. Any burns, rashes and patches are cured as Coconut Oil cools the pores and skin at once.

It had rashes on my hands, and these rashes had been cured via Coconut Oil. My face had become extremely patchy after my daughter’s birth, and I always used a drop of Coconut Oil to do away with blemishes. It may be used as a Toner as well.

11. Castor Essential Oil
It reduces zits, fights growing old and keeps your skin hydrated. It is likewise desirable for skin whitening. Apart from a lot of these advantages, Castor Oil is also effective in decreasing pigments and casting off oil present inner open pores. This oil can be utilized by humans with everyday skin.


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