This home a magical design

Sanadu is the home of Vinod Kumar Kambum and Anjana in Vypin in Ernakulam district. The house is constructed at 2700 square feet in 22 cents. Zanudu means Mandrake Home. The design of the house is similar to the Mandrake House in the famous Magenta Mandrake Comics. Entry doors in different stages. On the one hand, you will understand how to go to the next section. The design is designed to be so eager. Filling the landscape is a column beam strip made in box frame.
The house has been designed by Asif Ahmad of Ernakulam AR Architects. It is brought to you with the views of this home built with great importance to landscaping.

It’s an old-fashioned land. This different image was created in the demands of the tulasitha, well, the well, and the 150-year-old leaf tree that was part of the new house, and the need for a different one
has this home design is a magically amazing work watch home video below this video credits by Manorama News

Welcome to the home  of the birds. The louer was placed on the space given by glass windows on the side of the glass frame. The house is designed based on the leaves in the middle of the house. The branches of the leaves of the leafy pump house. The new home is built on the east side of the old basement

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