How can you save someone from a Cardiac Arrest(heart attack)-malayalam video


In cardiac arrest, the heart abruptly stops beating. Without prompt intervention, it can result in the person’s death.
The main symptom is loss of consciousness and unresponsiveness.

This medical emergency needs immediate CPR or use of a defibrillator. Hospital care includes drugs, an implantable device or other procedures.


People typically assume that a asystole and a attack area unit a similar issue, however this isn’t true.


A attack happens once blood supply the guts muscle is stop because of a clot in one amongst the coronary arteries. this could cause pain, though symptoms are often less severe, and might for good injury the guts. the guts remains causation blood to the body and also the person are going to be aware and respiration. an individual having a attack contains a high risk of experiencing a asystole.

A asystole happens once the guts suddenly stops pumping blood round the body, actually because of a drag with the electrical signals to the guts muscle. somebody United Nations agency has a asystole can suddenly collapse and can stop respiration.

The main criterion for diagnosing a cardiac arrest, as opposed to respiratory arrest, which shares many of the same features, is lack of circulation; however, there are a number of ways of determining this. Near-death experiences are reported by 10 to –20 percent of people who survived cardiac arrest.


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