How Much Does a Wall A/C Run Up the Electric Bill


In climates with only some warm, humid nights every summer time, it doesn’t make sense to apply vital air conditioning to chill a whole home. For the ones few nights, many house owners make investments alternatively in an air conditioner that mounts in a bed room window or in an opening thru an exterior wall. When it comes to the fee of cooling a bedroom this manner, doing the math is straightforward.

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Electricity Costs

Check your electric invoice to decide your cost in step with kilowatt-hour (kWh). Depending on in which you stay, the fee can variety widely. The average price within the San Francisco place, for June 2013, changed into 22.Eight cents consistent with kWh; the national common changed into 13.7 cents according to kWh.

Power Usage

An appliance’s nameplate presentations the quantity of strength it draws even as going for walks, measured in watts. A precise estimate for a medium-sized window or wall air-conditioning unit is 900 watts.

Power Cost

Because you are billed for devices of kilowatt-hours, you want to estimate how lengthy the unit will run. For example, a 900-watt air conditioner strolling for 8 hours might consume 7.2 kWh (900 watts * 8 hours, divided by way of one thousand). If you pay 22.Eight cents per kWh, jogging such an air conditioner will add about $1.64 per night on your power bill, plus taxes and costs.


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