How much tough constipation can change


The stomach is included in the range of life style diseases. Today it is everywhere. There are various medicines available in the market for constipation. There are ayurvedic medicines in the market. In effect, whatever medicines are more harmful than good quality. Mollusceration is a common practice. It does not need to be treated with medication. The use of untreated drugs can weaken the colon and the hull and cause it to be a serious disease. Hornbill and Achas are diseases that are related to wireworm. All such diseases are the same. It is known only in the names of different kinds of names. The root cause of the digestive tract is found to be the digestive problems.


The constipation is very hard, but if you do not get it because of other illnesses, then you can use a very natural beverage that helps you to get rid of constipation completely at home. Check out the following video to see how to prepare this bottle.

The causes of constipation



The stomach is said to be a hereditary disease. This is wrong. However, we do not need to ignore tradition. Because there is a similarity between father and mother’s bowels. It is very low. Furthermore, if the diet is correct, then such problems can be completely solved.

Unscientific food will be burned when it is unnecessary and unnecessary. At times, non-digestive substances lie in the stomach and colon and damage the muscles. The digestible food is packed in the intestine and loses its hydration. It is necessary to give up under pressure during the wars to release this dried animal. When dry out of the stool comes out of the mouth, it causes the piles to soothe and stomach.

Even food is not chewing well and can cause constipation and cholera. Drinking cereals, nutritious meals, tea, coffee, smoking, excessive alcohol use, excretion of lemon, salt, spices, oils, fried in oil, fried, drugs, beta, chicken and fish cause constipation. People with constipation and related diseases should avoid these foodstuffs.

The right treatment.

Avoid eating habits by eating and resting your body and mind and fasting until the symptom is changed. Drink as much water as pure water. If you are suffering from tiredness water, honey and honey can be used. If the symptoms change, the skin will remain in the first three days and then the vegetables and the vegetables for four days. Then add two servings of cooked food and a maximum of night vegetables, fruits and juices. Keep it a lifestyle. Avoid sweets made of carrots, pickles, pickles, bakery products, cola, ice cream and chocolate. Once the disease is completely changed (three months later) you can eat meat and fish. Do not rinse. Vegetables are dried and cooked with vegetable salad, Add lemon juice and use a little bit of spicy, salt, and salt). In case of illness, one side of the base in a basin is filled with water and the legs are drained and some of the leafy leaves will be used to help reduce the intensity of the disease. There are several ways to paralyze. There are many oddities for this. There is a single alley that can be easily tested. Try this.

Extravirin olive oil – 1 tablespoon coffee -1 coffee or orange juice -1 glass

Add coffee or orange juice in olive oil. Let’s drink this. It is very good for infecting.

This mixture acts as a good lactatee.

In the first few days, this mixture is good to drink. If you do not react to your body, then you can increase your volume.

Add olive oil Do not add sweets in coffee or orange juice. You need to mix this mixture well.


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