How to Build a Front Gate Pillar


Every front gate desires some thing strong to aid it, but purchasing pre-made pillars or hiring contractors can result in a bill tons large than you would like. You can build your very own pair of pillars tons extra cost effectively, laying bricks around a steel-reinforced concrete core for a column that is sturdy sufficient to maintain any gate you connect to it, yet attractive enough to stand on its personal in case you favor to preserve your driveway unimpeded.

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Step 1


Dig a hole 42 inches deep, with a width of 12 inches and a duration of 20 inches. The lengthy facet of the hollow must be perpendicular to the eventual orientation of your gate.

Step 2

Fill the hollow halfway with concrete, embedding an L-fashioned steel rod in it with the horizontal length submerged and the vertical extending up above the ground. Wait 24 hours for the concrete to solidify.

Step 3

Build the pillar around the metal rod, laying bricks in a rectangular formation, layer upon layer with mortar in among. Fill the indoors space with concrete, pouring a bit more every day and watching for it to harden till it reaches the pinnacle.

Step 4

Cover the upper surface with mortar and lay a concrete slab atop the pillar to function a capstone.


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