How to Build Your Own Homemade Bathtub


Building your own bath is certifiably not a reasonable or simple cycle, however it tends to be finished. Tubs can be worked from wood, cement or tile-covered workmanship. Presumably the most effortless is to construct a tub with solid supporter board and tile it. A custom made tub will commonly cost in excess of a bought tub, however can be molded to fit an irregular space or made longer, taller or more extensive than standard tubs.

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Stage 1

Spread out the size and state of the tub and fabricate an edge of 2-by-4s. Join the wood utilizing butt joints and in any event 3 screws for each joint. The base dispersing of the outlining wood ought to be 16 inches. Introduce side dividers at right points to the floor, yet point the rear of the tub so that is agreeable to incline toward.

Stage 2

Harsh in the pipes for the channel and spigot. Introduce two layers of 19/32-inch outside grade waterproof pressed wood on the floor of the tub to offer satisfactory help. Counterbalance joints in any event 6 inches.


Stage 3

Cut a 4.5-inch opening in the compressed wood where the channel will go. Dismantle the channel and lay the channel base in the opening so the spine of the channel base lays on the pressed wood. Dissolvable weld the channel base to the channel pipe. Cover the channel base opening with conduit tape to hold materials back from falling into the channel.

Stage 4

Affix solid sponsor board to the casing utilizing screws intended for solid patron board. Space the screws each 6 inches. Cut and fit the sponsor board as firmly as conceivable to make it simpler to seal the tub. Cover the joints with glue and promptly insert sponsor tape.

Stage 5

Apply Portland concrete/sand mortar blend over the floor of the tub with the goal that it slants toward the channel at 1/4 inch for every foot. The mortar bed ought to be flush with the top surface of the channel base.

Stage 6

Scoop a thick, smooth layer of waterproofing over the whole tub to at least 2 creeps over the flood channel. Permit that to dry, and afterward add another coat. At the point when the subsequent coat is dry, place the clipping ring for the channel over the jolts and slide the ring counterclockwise until it is tight. Fitting the channel; fill the tub with water and let it sit for in any event four hours. Channel the tub and fix any holes prior to continuing.

Stage 7

Spot pea rock over the sob openings in the channel get together so mortar doesn’t totally hinder them. Decide the completed stature of the floor of the tub and screw the channel barrel and sifter into the bracing ring so the channel barrel will be flush with the lower part of the tub.

Stage 8

Lay a 1/2-inch bed of mortar on the tub floor. At the point when it is dry append extended metal lattice 2 creeps over the water line and cover the sides of the tub with 1/2 inch of mortar. Permit the mortar to fix prior to introducing tile.

Stage 9

Introduce tile utilizing meager set mortar. Lay tile on the tub floor first, slicing tile to fit around the channel and to oblige the slant. Introduce the bay tile in the corners where the floor meets the divider. Utilize a straight edge to begin and a level to guarantee you keep the tile level as it ascends the sides of the tub. At the point when the mortar fixes, fill between the tile with grout. Blend 75% sanded grout and 25 percent nonsanded grout.


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