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How to Calculate Square Feet


If you have ever measured the duration, width or top of something, you’ve got measured in a unmarried measurement. Once you integrate any two of those dimensions, you are talking approximately a concept referred to as vicinity – or how tons area a shape takes up in -dimensional space. Exactly calculating the region of wildly abnormal shapes can require advanced math strategies like calculus. But for extra common geometric shapes like circles, rectangles and triangles, you could discover the place with some simple formulation.

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Square Feet Formula for Rectangles and Squares
If the form you are thinking about is a rectangular or a rectangle, locating the area is as easy as multiplying length instances width. When carried out in terms of feet, this method comes in reachable for the whole thing from gauging the location of a lawn to calculating how huge the rooms are in your property.

Formula: duration × width

Example: Imagine you’ve been requested to calculate the vicinity of a square room that measures 10 feet by means of 11 feet. Plugging the ones dimensions into the system, you have got:

10 toes × eleven ft = a hundred and ten ft2


Calculating Square Feet of a Parallelogram
No want to plug the size of a parallelogram right into a rectangular ft vicinity calculator; you can calculate the area your self by multiplying the parallelogram’s base instances its peak.

Formula: base × top

Example: What is the region of a parallelogram with base 6 feet and height 2 toes? Substituting the records into the system gives you:

6 feet × 2 ft = 12 ft2

Finding the Area of a Triangle
There’s a square feet method for triangles, too, and it’s just one step more than locating the location of a parallelogram.

Formula: (1/2)(base × height)

Example: Imagine which you’re confronted with a triangle that has a base of three ft and a peak of 6 ft. What is its location? Applying that records to the formula gives you:

(half of)(three ft × 6 feet) = 9 ft2

Calculating Area of a Circle
What if you’re faced with a circle? Although you only need one size – the square’s radius, normally denoted as r – there’s nevertheless a system you could use to locate the circle’s area.

Formula: πr2

Example: Imagine you have been requested to cut a circle out of cardboard with radius 2 toes. What may be the vicinity of the finished circle? Substitute the data into your formulation and you have:

πr2 = π(2 ft)2= π(4 ft2)

Most instructors will need you to replacement within the regular fee of pi (three.14), which in flip offers you:

3.14(four ft2) = 12.Fifty six ft2

So the place of your circle is 12.56 feet squared.

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