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Warm weather and ceiling fans go hand-in-hand. The warmer the times, the longer the lovers run — and the greater that dirt collects on the edges of the blades.


Unless you want clumps to fling around every time you switch it on, you want to begin dusting the ones blades! Cleaning guru Bob Vila shows dusting them every week and gives two options in how to achieve this.

The different technique involves mountain climbing a ladder. It’s tougher, but you may take care of numerous chores at the same time as you’re up there: cleaning the blades, the motor, the fan’s course, light bulbs and glass shades. But, of these, the simplest chore you want to do weekly is dust. The others may be executed or three instances a 12 months or as wanted. Here’s what to do:

Before turning off the fan, observe if it’s spinning clockwise or counter-clockwise. If you haven’t finished so already, switch the course the fan spins to house the season. Clockwise warms a room; counter-clockwise cools it. (The extra you understand!)
Slip a pillow case over the blade, then use the case to wipe the dust off the edges, top and backside. That way, all of the dust remains on the pillow case — in preference to going anywhere! Repeat for every blade and take into account to press gently otherwise you’ll harm the blade.

(When you’ve come down from the ladder, take the pillow case outside, flip it inner-out and deliver it a good shake in order that the dirt comes off on the garden in preference to your floor. Then without a doubt launder the pillowcase as typical.) To lessen destiny dirt buildup, Vila recommends the usage of a dust-repelling spray like Endust (or a DIY version: one part liquid fabric softener to 4 parts water). Spray it on a microfiber material and wipe each facets of the blade.
Motor: Wipe the pull chain and the motor housing with a smooth material. Spray motor housing with compressed air to put off indoors dirt.

light bulbs: Change mild bulbs as needed. If bulbs are nonetheless working, wipe them with a dry microfiber cloth to put off dirt. According to cleansing professional Donna Smallin Kuper, writer of “Cleaning Plain and Simple,” a easy bulb shines as a minimum 20 percent brighter than a grimy one.
Glass globe or sun shades: Remove and wash in warm, soapy water. Rinse and dry absolutely earlier than replacing. Make certain the mounting screws are tight so the glass gained’t rattle or shake whilst the fan is on.

For extraordinarily dirty blades or kitchen fan blades which are caked with grease, wipe with a damp fabric first to dispose of dust and dirt. Then follow an all-motive cleanser, or whatever cleaner is usually recommended by means of the fan producer, to a sponge or fabric and wipe each blade to put off grease. Rinse material after cleansing every blade and repeat as wished. Then wipe every blade dry.


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