How To Cover School Books With Brown Paper


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Learn the way to use sheet tune, vintage maps, or paper luggage to make a book cover that suits snugly on your book or textbook and protects it. Then find out the on hand accessories, like pockets and name tags, you can add to customize your e-book cowl and deliver them more utility. Finally, learn how to sew a simple cloth cover to protect your notebooks.

1.Choose paper to cover your e book with. For books with out covers or to defend your textbooks, make a paper cowl on your e-book. You can cover your books with foreign or vintage newspapers, vintage or new maps, sheet music, vintage wall paper, a brown paper bag, and so forth.. Unless you are protecting a smaller e-book, you will want a massive piece of paper to make your cowl. It will need to be at least double the length of your e-book and three inches taller than the peak of your e-book.


2.Cut the paper to length the usage of the measurements in your e-book. To discover the width of the e-book, lay the ebook open and degree the width with a measuring tape or ruler. Then add 6 inches, 3 inches to cover both aspects of the ebook. Next measure the height of the book and upload 3 inches, 1 ½ inches to cover the pinnacle and bottom of the e book.

Using a ruler, mark a faint line with a pencil on your paper the scale of your cover, and then with a sharp pair of scissors, cut your paper to size.
Avoid laying the ebook out so that a preceding crease that was in a bag or in your paper aligns with a cowl side. If your paper is already worn, it will tear more without difficulty while it is on an edge of the ebook.

3.Fold the paper 1/four inch above the top and backside of the book. Close your e book and middle it at the paper. Faintly mark the rims of the top and bottom of the e book then upload an additional ¼ inch so that the e-book will healthy inner of the quilt.

Take the ebook off the paper, and fold the paper as much as the spot marked and make your fold into a crease. Repeat the method with the pinnacle of the book; fold the paper down and create your crease approximately a 1/four inch above the top of the e book.
Go lower back over the creases you have made in the paper with a pen or bone folder. You want your creases to be crisp and easy, in particular in case you are the use of heavy paper.

4.Tape down the pinnacle and bottom folds. Use double-sided tape to tape down the folds you have just made so they do not flap. The double sided tape will help the cover remains comfortable on the e book as soon as it’s far blanketed. Place the tape toward the middle of your cowl, leaving about three inches at both sides to your e-book to match within the cover.

5.Create the folds for the perimeters of the e-book. Lay your e book open flat at the paper and center the book in order that both sides have the equal amount of paper for the flaps. Press your e-book down so it does no longer move, and fold the paper over the right facet of the ebook and create a crease. Go back over the crease, extra lightly than earlier than, with the facet of your pen or your bone folder. To accommodate for the thickness of the cover, do no longer make the creases too heavy.

With the flap inside the right aspect of the e book, close the e-book and wrap the paper around the e book and mark in which you want to fold the paper to make the remaining flap. Take the e-book of the paper, and crease the flap for the left facet of the e-book. Go over the crease together with your bone folder or pen again, but recollect to hold the crease lighter.

6.Fit your book inside of the duvet. Gently location the lower back of the e book into the fold on the back of your paper cowl. Then wrap the paper cover around the e book and tuck the top cover of the book cautiously into the the front of the paper cover.


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