How to cut a galss bottle


You may additionally have seen vases made from bottles and puzzled how they reduce the glass. The method is easy, and with a few steps you could produce other human beings thinking about your glass creations! Try this sort of four strategies for reducing a tumbler bottle to get a easy, clean floor.

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1.Score the bottle. To create the road that the bottle will damage off at, use a tumbler cutter or a tumbler drill bit to score a line. If you need, you may use a aid gadget so you get a super line around the bottle, in any other case you could just freehand it.

2.Heat the bottle. Heat the line which you made with the glass cutter. You can use a small candle or a small butane torch. Focus the warmth without delay alongside the rating line, and continuously rotate the bottle to get even coverage.

3.Dip the bottle in cold water.When you have spent around 5 minutes heating the bottle, dip the quit you are breaking off in cold water. Do this in a sink or pot full of cold water, with non-obligatory ice.

4.Repeat the system. The bottle might require extra strain than a single spherical of heating and cooling so as to interrupt. Simply repeat the method of heating the bottle and dipping it in bloodless water till it snaps.


5.Sand the rims. Use a rough square of sandpaper to clean off the edges of the glass. As you eliminate any sharp factors, trade to a finer grit sandpaper. You ought to try this as quickly as you’re completed, to keep away from reducing yourself.

6.Enjoy your cleanly damaged bottle. Use the bottle to shop pens, drink out of, or make a quite vase. The options are endless.

7.Score the bottle. You want to create a tension line for the bottle to crack alongside, and you try this by scoring a clean line at the desired breaking point. Use a pitcher cutter or a glass drill bit to create a unmarried, even line wrapping around the glass. Don’t overlap score strains, as this may make your reduce more jagged than a single line.

8.Get the water ready. You will need to be running at a sink with cold water running, and also boil a teakettle of warm water. The manner works by way of pouring boiling and cold water backward and forward over the bottle till it snaps on the rating line.

9.Pour the hot water. Hold the bottle over the sink, and slowly pour the hot water over the score line. Avoid pouring it in a wide region, as you want best the rating line to be located underneath tension from the warmth.

10.Move the bottle into the bloodless water. As you end pouring warm water over the whole line around the bottle, placed it below the bloodless water going for walks in the sink. The first time you try this, the bottle in all likelihood will not spoil.

11.Continue adding hot and bloodless water. Take the bottle from the cold water and upload some other pour of the boiling water over the pressure line. Pour the water across the whole bottle, and then dip it in the bloodless water again. After the second or 1/3 time of doing this, the bottle ought to snap cleanly off alongside the rating line.

12.Sand the rims. Use a hard grit of sandpaper to sand the rims of the glass down. When they may be no longer jagged in any respect, you may use a satisfactory grit sandpaper to clean the rims to a tender finish.

13.Wrap your yarn. If you don’t have yarn available, you could use any thick cotton string. At the place of where you would love the bottle to break, wrap a chunk of yarn around the bottle 3-five instances. Tie the ends collectively and cut off any excess string.

14.Soak the yarn in acetone. Slide the yarn off the cease of the bottle, and place it in a small dish or lid. Pour a bit of nail polish remover or directly-up acetone over the yarn until it’s far completely soaked.[9] You can pour the extra acetone lower back into the bottle afterwards.

15.Wrap the bottle again. Take the yarn and replace it returned on the bottle in the precise area you want it to break. Try to make sure that the loops of yarn are located near collectively and are tight so that you get a level, easy destroy.

16.Light the yarn on hearth. Use a in shape or a lighter to seize the yarn (on the bottle) on hearth. Rotate the bottle slowly so that the yarn burns at a consistent pace around the entire bottle.

17.Dunk the bottle in bloodless water. Have your sink or a pot packed with bloodless water – you may add ice as properly if you would like. Wait until the hearth at the yarn has burnt out, and then stick the quit of the bottle with the yarn directly into the water. The bottle must wreck cleanly off wherein the yarn changed into wrapped around it.

18.Sand the edges. Use a rough sandpaper to easy down the jagged edges on the broken section of the bottle. When you’ve got eliminated any sharp corners, switch to a great grit sandpaper to give the bottle a smooth, gentle end. You’re completed


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