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How to Decorate Your Bedroom Like an Interior Designer


Take your mattress room from blah to lovely with the clean and encouraging advice of three top interior designers. We’ve tapped the fantastic redecorating minds of Kari Ann Peniche-Williams of DAF House, Tiffani Stutzman of Tiffani Stutzman Design, and Annie Elliott of Annie Elliot Design for guidance they deliver their customers while it comes to remodeling the bed room. You’ll be inspired by manner in their massive mind to guidelines on the small touches you could upload on your mattress room to create that dreamy oasis you’ve continuously wanted.

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Color Is Key
It’s no marvel that our designers begin through deciding on a color for the bedroom. Decide at the temper or tone you need to set inside the bedroom, then pick out a coloration that reflects that feeling, says Peniche-Williams.

Don’t be fearful of sturdy colour, presents Peniche-Williams. “I even like darker colours in small rooms. But in case you decide on independent walls, upload a pop of color through painting the ceiling.”

Stutzman shows the use of darkish colorings in a bedroom. “Soft or dark colorations create a more serene surroundings than bright ones,” she says. Examples of smooth sunglasses for walls and rugs are mild blue, blush red, or slight grey. Examples of darkish colorations include navy blue, plum, or sage green.


If a large-scale painting assignment isn’t always on your bedroom redo plans, select one accessory wall for your bed room on which to add color, even if it is with wallpaper. Or, certainly neglect about your partitions, and add color by using manner of portray an vintage piece of furnishings on your mattress room a a laugh shade.

Light It Right
While it is generally lights out inside the bedroom, it’s miles still crucial for other assets you do within the area besides sleep. Interior designers take lighting the bed room critically, and all agree that the majority neglect the importance of the manner masses style mild furniture can deliver into the bed room. Instead of common ceiling lights, customize a bed room with a chandelier or bedside lamps with man or woman, says Peniche-Williams.

Dimmers are most essential in a bed room because it fast sets a temper, says Elliott. She indicates dimmers for desk lamps, as well, on the way to create a direct warmness, comfortable surroundings. She’s not keen on too many overhead lighting fixtures within the bedroom, however if you have them, make certain they’re on dimmers, too.

Texture Equals Cozy
Another redecorating element it virtually is often left out is the addition of texture. Bringing texture into the bedroom affords a layer of opulence and comfort. Stutzman brings mild, relaxing, and luxurious textures into the mattress room, which consist of a slipper chair blanketed in velvet, a silk place rug, throw pillows blanketed in faux fur, or a cable knit throw. Objects, such as a lacquered table or chrome mild fixture are better stored out of a tranquil surroundings and positioned within the living areas outside the bed room.

Elliott likes gentle texture on the floor. She recommends tossing down a small sheepskin rug, even over carpeting, to appease and pamper naked feet.

Clear the Clutter
Decorators agree that muddle quashes a relaxing or romantic vibe. Elliot says that an uncluttered room helps you right away feel calmer at the same time as strolling right into a bed room. She urges customers to reduce clutter that clearly finds its way onto mattress room furniture.

A bed room full of hundreds of small gadgets makes the attention dart throughout the room, says Stutzman. “One big item on a bureau, bookcase, or table makes a bed room visually more enjoyable,” she says.

Peniche-Williams likes to usher in huge headboards right into a bed room. “Having a headboard that almost reaches the ceiling makes a bed room revel in grand and pricey.” You would not need many greater decorative gadgets in a mattress room even as the focal point is at the headboard.

An orderly bed room conjures up a experience of peace, as nicely, says Peniche-Williams. Even a small gesture, which includes ensuring your paintings hangs smartly in area with the resource of the use of mounting tape on the again of every frame, creates a sense of employer within the room.

Little Things Count
Interior designers are notorious for keeping some mystery decorating recommendations up their sleeves. Along the way, our 3 designers have discovered how consisting of little touches go a protracted way in a bed room.

Elliott’s mystery sauce is to focus on seasonal fashion inside the bed room. “Keep your bedding a solid coloration, preferably crisp white, all year round,” she says. “But exchange the accent pillows and throws with the seasons.” She’ll use a lightweight herringbone cotton throw within the summer and a plaid mohair blanket in the wintry climate, as an instance.

“Include nature on your mattress room,” says Peniche-Williams. “A clean orchid or a potted tree is a cute, purifying, and soothing touch that is going with every style of decor.”

Finally, designers recommend using smooth scents to exchange the room’s mood. Besides candles and air fresheners, there are specific strategies to make your bedroom odor delicious. For instance, make your personal herbal air freshener thru mixing in a small spray bottle a cup of distilled water, a few tablespoons of rubbing alcohol, and about dozen drops of your favourite vital oil. Spritz the combination into the air, or maybe a moderate quantity to your bed and sheets.


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