How to Design a Vastu-pleasant Kitchen?


All varieties of energies be triumphant at home, but the kitchen is one region at domestic that attracts the most quantity of energies, excellent and horrific. There a few guidelines that have to be applied to the kitchen, if you need to decorate its charisma. From layout to small placement changes, this text is the most effective location you need to look for kitchen vastu suggestions.

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Kitchen vastu hints #1: Plan the format properly

So, you’ve got a naked home and the liberty to decide wherein your kitchen must be built. You are in success! Reserve the south-east nook of your property for the kitchen. According to vastu, that is the path this is dominated by way of the fireplace detail. Thus, that is perfect corner in your kitchen. If you do not find a suitable vicinity in that nook, then the north-west course works as nicely.


Kitchen vastu suggestions #2: Entrance need to be in the proper course

Just just like the layout of your kitchen, the doorway is likewise important, consistent with vastu shastra. Experts say, the entrance or the door for your kitchen need to be inside the east, north or west. Also, make sure it does now not fall in any of the corners.

Kitchen vastu suggestions #3: Place the stove inside the proper place

The cooking fuel is one of the maximum critical elements of a kitchen, when you’ve determined on a layout in your kitchen. The element of hearth governs the south-east path, as a result, the range must always be placed in that course. Also, the man or woman the use of the stove must face the east path. This is taken into consideration auspicious in line with vastu shastra.

Kitchen vastu hints #4: Sinks are important in step with vastu shastra

Sinks and faucets in the kitchen suggest flowing water and they have to constantly be placed in the north-east course. Also, vastu shastra says that sinks have to no longer be located everywhere near the range, on account that water and fireplace are opposite factors and they repel every different.

Kitchen vastu recommendations #5: Have more than one windows

Windows are a way to let negativity out, and vastu specialists say that having more than one home windows in the kitchen is a have to. An exhaust is also critical, and it have to be positioned inside the east direction for letting out all of the bad energies. Windows should also be placed in the same course.


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