how to get free our home from home fly and lizard


Coffee method One of the very effective and smooth techniques is mixing the tobacco with the espresso powder. They are the DIY lizard killing balls. Finely blend and amalgamate the espresso powder and tobacco completely and make the balls out of these. Place those balls on the corners of the residence or the spots from which lizards may additionally input your private home. As a result, the lizards may additionally run far from your private home or might also die.

Use of naphthalene balls Naphthalene balls or mothballs are also one of the lizard resistant merchandise. Place the naphthalene balls in your cloth wardrobe, cabinets, in the corners of the house, the doorway of living and inside the bathroom or kitchen sinks. Please word that in place of naphthalene balls, mothballs also can be used.
Three. Peacock feathers


This is one of the easiest and handiest hacks to make the lizards live faraway from your home. You simply want to place the peacock feathers within the areas of your own home where the lizards are seen most usually or the doorway of your house. This remedy is powerful because the peacocks consume the lizards, the peacock feathers may also scare the lizards and lead them to live away from the house.


DIY pepper spray Lizards are allergic to pepper. Hence the DIY pepper spray may additionally aggravate them and make them live away from the region. This treatment is easy and clean. Mix some overwhelmed black pepper with water and spray the solution everywhere in the house, in the lizards’ hiding places and especially on the ceilings and partitions.

Ice bloodless water Cold water makes the lizard immobile and makes them stiff for some time. They are not capable of move for a few mins. Meanwhile, you may seize it and throw away.

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