How to Get Rid of Lizards and Mosquitoes


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Lizards, or cicaks, are pretty a commonplace sight in Singapore houses (mainly in floor floor gadgets). Many human beings are horrified by way of their appearance and sounds, no matter their being innocent. But if you have a real phobia of the little critters, or hate their germ-laden poo everywhere, don’t fear, we’ve got you blanketed:


1. Mosquito repellent liquid – Look round your own home, Urbanites. Maybe you still have a can or two of mosquito repellent. If you do, use it to expel demanding geckos.

Just spray or follow the liquid to the place wherein it frequently passes. Or, in case you already recognise in which they’re hiding, spray the liquid there.

Why will the lizard run away? Partly as it doesn’t like the scent of the chemical compounds. But it’s additionally because lizards feed on mosquitoes (see, we informed you they’re the best guys) – so the fewer mozzies are in your home, the fewer lizards you’ll discover.


2. Clean the shelves underneath the sink – This is a fave vicinity for lizards to hang out and lay their eggs. They like that it’s damp and commonly heat. Also, when you have pipes that leak a bit, it provides them with a beneficiant water supply.

Check the cabinets underneath sinks regularly, and try to maintain them dry (use newspapers to line the base, and exchange them regularly). As an upside, this will also prevent timber rot, and assist your cabinets remaining longer.

3. Lower the room temperature – Remember your biology instructions in Secondary college? Lizards, in contrast to us mammals, cannot modify their very own body temperature. And even as lizards nonetheless survive anywhere in the world (besides Antarctica), they are fewer in cold climates.

Unfortunately, genuinely the use of a fan or commencing a window gained’t reduce it. To make lizards uncomfortable, you’ll need to turn up the air-conditioning, and preserve the room chilly; round 22 tiers centigrade at the least.

This surely ramps up your air-conditioning bill though – if you have to do it, perhaps simply do it for the night whilst you’re turning in.

4. Eggshells – The subsequent time you have eggs, don’t throw away the shells. Instead, wipe the shells dry with a bit of tissue, then leave them near in which the lizards frequent.

Lizards dislike the odor that come from eggs (genuinely, come to think of it, lots of us do too). They’ll hold clear of any areas with that eggy aroma.

Do note though, which you need to throw away the eggshells with the aid of the following day for hygiene motives! Bacteria is manner extra dangerous than lizards.

5. Cut garlic – Cut a clove of garlic, and leave it where you don’t want lizards. The scent will pressure them away. You can also put it near a small desk fan, to blow it throughout the room.

Note that just leaving a clove of garlic there received’t work – you need to cut into it to virtually get the fragrance out.


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